Friday, May 23, 2008

Accused Pimp Appears In Court

Full story and MySpace profile:

A scantily-clad woman sits on a hotel bed in a video on David Maurice Weaver's MySpace page. She looks over her shoulder as she talks explicitly.

Another video shot on the blog of the Buena Vista resident, who appeared in chains in U.S. District Court Friday, has a woman exposing her shoulder. The words "DWeave" — the same letters on Weaver's vanity license plate — are tattooed in black letters.

"A pimp lives off of game and game only," Weave wrote May 18 on his blog — an online journal. "That means if you sell dope, you are not a pimp. If you get rap income, you are not a pimp. A pimp gets money from the proceeds of you know what. And with that being said, I am as real of a pimp as you will ever meet."

Weaver, 24, faces charges of sex trafficking of a child, inducement to travel for prostitution and criminal sexual activity, and transportation of a minor for prostitution and criminal sexual activity.


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