Friday, May 23, 2008

AMW Man Posed As Someone Else On MySpace

Full story and MySpace profile:

Thanks in part to, police say they've taken a child molsestor into custody a long way from home.

After AMW aired Brandon James' case in July 2006, tips came into the hotline indicating that he was living in downtown Los Angeles. But at the time, the LAPD could not find James, who'd fled from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and the trail appeared to go cold.

Fast forward to May 2007. Police in Sioux Falls were getting leads through their local Crimestoppers that pointed in the same direction as the earlier tips, saying James was in Southern California.

Authorities narrowed their search to the Marina Del Rey area of Los Angeles. They also learned James had an account on a social networking website, where the formerly clean-cut looking fugitive now had long shaggy hair. Police say they used to help determine that they had their sights set on the right man.

On the night of May 22, 2007, the US Marshals followed a lead that brought them to a yacht that was undergoing renovation. At first, authorities thought that no one was on board. Then they saw someone using a computer and realized Brandon James was the captain of this ship.

Law enforcement watched James for several hours, and though he tried to get away, officers took him into custody around 2 a.m. He's currently sitting in the L.A. County jail awaiting extradition to South Dakota, where he faces two counts of rape, three counts of sexual contact with a minor, and one count of criminal pedophilia.


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