Friday, May 23, 2008

Brothers Catch Molestation On Tape

Full story and MySpace profile:

Two brothers recorded a 63-year-old drama coach fondling one of them and mass-mailed the file to prove to their doubting parents that the man was abusing children, Riverside police said on Saturday.

According to authorities, a 12-year-old boy could not convince his parents that the coach, Leon Wesley Obien, was touching him inappropriately. But the child's older brother mailed a video file of an alleged molestation Obien's whole address book.

"The boy paired up with his 14-year-old brother and they set up a camera in the home and videotaped one of the offenses," Frasher said. "They converted the videotape to a digital file and emailed it to the guy's (Obien's) address list."

The parents of the Riverside youth refused to believe him about the alleged molestation, according to Frasher.


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