Thursday, May 22, 2008

BUSTED: People Seeking Sex With Children

I Usually Don't Like Posting Profile's When There's Very Little Information Or Anything Filled Out On Their MySpace Accounts. In Fact You'd Be Surpised On How Many Stories I Have Neglected Because Of An Empty Or Half Empty MySpace Profile. But Some People Are Too Sick To Be Ignored, So Here Are Several Unrelated Disturbing, Disgusting And Grotesque Stories Across The Country Of Individual's Who Desired To Have Sex With Some Very Young Children.

From 2007:

First Up Is Eric Tyre, Aged 24 Who According To Court Documents And This Article Had Been Involved In A Relationship With Another Man Who Told Eric He Had A 4 Year Old Daughter He Could Have Sex With.

Excited, Eric Demanded From His Homosexual Lover That He Get The Girl And Do "It" With Her On A Webcam...So He Could At Least Watch, You See.

He Also Allegedly Made Plans For His Lover To Bring The 4 Year Old Girl Up To Harrington Delware, Where Eric Resided So That Both Men Could Sleep With The Poor Child.

Ironically, Eric's MySpace Hints At Him Being Invovled Somehow In A Local Fire Department In Deleware, Only Ironic Because Our Second Suspect Brian Lee Flaherty, Aged 37 Was Also Involved In Fighting Fires And Saving Lives. But He Too Is Accused Of Desiring Sex With A Young Child And In Brian's Case The Child Was Supposedly The Age Of 5. And Just Like Eric, He Too Was Extremely Eager To Have Sex With A Young Child.

Eager Yes! So Eager In Fact Folks Was This "Proud Parent" And Married Man He Boarded A Plane From Los Angeles And Flew All The Way To Detroit! Luckily The Whole Thing Was A Sting Operation Set Out Of Detroit By An Undercover Officer Posing As A Mother Who Invited Men To Have Sex With Her Children.

A Shirtless, And Once Happy Brian Flaherty Can Be Seen Here In His Yahoo Profile. The Entire News Article Is Found Here.

Finally There's 22 Year Old Rhea Hamm Of Portland Oregon. According To Federal Agents Her Husband Christopher Dudley Sent A Series Of "E-mail Chats With (Federal) Agents". Dudley Reportedly Agreed To Pay The Undercover Officer So That He And His Wife Could Perform Oral Sex On The Child And Take Photos.

In The Chat, Dudley Describes Himself As A "Decent" Person Who Just Has A "Weird" Fetish. He Continues To Tell The Undercover Officer Posing As A Father That Prior To The Marriage He Told Rhea Hamm About His Interest In Young Girls. He Even Tells Of A Time When He Once Had Sexual Contact With An 8 Year Old Girl. Apparently Rhea, So Supportive Of Her Husband's Needs That The Two Apparently Tried To Have A Child Together So She Could Live That "Lifestyle".

When The Couple Finally Meant The Undercover Officer, At A Local Denny's Restraunt In Washington State The Agent Tells Rhea That She Shouldn't Partake In The Sexual Encounter If She Was Only Doing It To Please Someone Else. Hamm Must Have Really Chowed Down On That Denny's Burger Because She Brushed That Off Quick And Allegeldy Told Him That She Wanted To.

After All, What Good Wife Wouldn't Follow Her Husband's Wishes? Oh Wait! Nevermind, She Wanted To Experience This "Lifestyle" As Well. But Hamburger's First! And Sex With Small Child Second!

So Off They Went...

Destination: Econolodge, And Upon Taking That Motel Exit Their Sex Plot With A 5 Year Old Was Spoiled! It Was Ruined! It Was No More, And Never To Be, For When The Agents Seized The Car They Found A Little Bit Of Hash, Apparently A Little Cash, A Digital Camera And A Vibrator To No Doubt Use On The Little 5 Year Old Girl...


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