Thursday, May 22, 2008

Canadian Facing Internet Luring Charges

Full story and double profiles:

A six-month investigation by Regional Police has led to internet child luring charges being laid against a 35-year old man from Cambridge.

Investigators first got word, last August, that someone using an MSN messenger account had been having inappropriate conversations with a young girl in the United States.

They were contacted by authorities in Kansas.

The suspect Derek Joseph Gibson was arrested yesterday, and held for a bail hearing.

He's been remanded in custody and is due in court again tomorrow.

Police are still investigating the case and haven't ruled out the possibility of the suspect trying to make contact with other young girls on-line.

Investigators are asking parents to check their computers for e-mail contacts similar to:, mikenman2003, YODA556, REPO MAN, IMPACT 87, Youngguns, Younggunz87, Iceman and different variations with numbers.


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