Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cop Arrested On MySpace Rape Charge

Full story and MySpace profile:

In a shocking arrest out of Boiling Spring Lakes a police officer is behind bars, accused of having sex with a 14-year-old girl.

Officer Luke Stidham with the Boiling Spring Lakes Police Department was arrested early Thursday morning.

The Brunswick County Sheriff's Office and Stidham's coworkers assisted the SBI with the arrest. Officer Stidham is in the Brunswick County jail charged with statutory rape and indecent liberties with a child.

According to court papers Stidham started having a relationship with the girl on the popular web site MySpace.

The SBI began searching Stidham's home Wednesday looking for computer records containing evidence of the 36-year-old's relationship with the girl.

According to the search warrant messages between the victim and the officer were retrieved stating Stidham found out the girl was 14 and not 16 as he originally thought. Also that the girl was worried she might be pregnant with Stidham's child.


  1. Although I believe this officer was wrong on so many levels I also believe websites such as myspace are full of little girls trying to grow up to fast and putting out to be older then they really are. It's only "after" something like this happens do they start acting their true age but by then they have ruined someone's life or at least played a role in doing so.At what point do we make them share some of the responsibility?

  2. Talk about not getting the story straight, first, these 2 did not meet on MySpace, as for the real story, this cop was convicted because he was made to believe the state could "make it look like me could have done this". Every event this 14 yr old claimed to take place was contradicted by her own witnesses, and I mean every event. No evidence what so ever against this Stidham person. I've been over every document in this case. This girl developed a crush and when her attempt to gain his attention back fired she went into full revenge mode. Her own father said it was like she waiting until this officer went on duty to pull her stunt. If he had called this girl half as much as she called him he would be called a stalker. He's still fighting against the corrupt system that failed him, read it at www.mofobooks.com


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