Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Felon Brags On MySpace After Release

From 2006:

A convicted felon - out of jail just one day - is already bragging on a public web space about how "he won."

Rayburn Lee spent six months in jail for pistol-whipping a Federal Way man after a car crash. The case is over. But juror guilt over the verdict and these new web postings keep the hurt alive.

Lee made the barest of apologies during his sentencing hearing last Friday in King County Superior Court. "I do apologize for what happened to your son," he said to the victim's family. And then he smiled at his sentence.

Sentencing guidelines tied the judge's hands. He was limited to giving Lee time served. Lee would be out of jail by Saturday.

He was convicted of second-degree assault for pistol-whipping Sean Kiteley last February, while his brother, Zachary, stabbed Kiteley several times.

Kiteley went to the hospital in critical condition, and still suffers from paralysis in his arm.

A day after his release, Lee was boasting on his MySpace.com page: "HA....f**k you, I win," his posting said.


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