Friday, May 23, 2008

Man Arrested After 5 Bombs Found In Car

Full story and MySpace profile:

A 19-year-old Mark Uhl poses after climbing Liberty Mountain in a photo on his MySpace page. It's a much different from the picture we have of the Liberty University student now, a mugshot.

Deputies say Uhl drove from Northern Virginia to a family member's home in Campbell County with five homemade bombs in the trunk of his car.

Campbell County Sheriff Terry Gaddy says the bombs were made of a napalm like mixture of gasoline, styrofoam and other ingredients.

Investigators tell us the family member heard Uhl say he was attending Falwell's funeral and called police.

Uhl's relative drove the car to the parking lot of a Timberlake Road tanning salon to meet deputies. There, deputies searched the car and found the bombs in the trunk.


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