Thursday, May 22, 2008

Man Guilty Of Sexual Contact With Girl 4

From 2007:

I've Had This One Lying Around For Awhile, But I Was Never Able To Confirm That The MySpace Of Harold Treadway Belongs To The Same Harold Treadway Who Was Recently Convicted Of Sexually Assaulting A 4 Year Old Girl In Green Bay Wisconsin. But I Do Believe Now, In Fact It Is The Same Person.

According To The Criminal Complaint, In May Of 2006 Mr. Treadway And A 4 Year Old Girl Were "Playing Doctor" In Her Room.

Apparently Something Happened And The Girl Touched His Penis On Two Different Occasions. She Told Investigators And A Social Worker That Treadway Got Upset And Told Her To Stop, Which Made Her Cry. She Also Stated That She Placed Her Mouth On His Penis.

Treadway, Later Told District Attorney John Zakowski That When The 4 Year Old Child Touched Him, He Became Aroused.

Apparently Police Also Found A Note With A 12 Year Old Boy's Phone Number Written On It At His Home.

All This Was Enough To Wrap The Trial Up Fairly Quickly And He Was Convicted By A Jury Of 6 Men And 6 Women, And Now Faces Up To 60 Years In Prison. His Sentence Is Scheduled For April 23rd.

Then Roughly About 2 Weeks After The Guilty Verdict A New Story Surfaced Involving Mr. Treadway.

And It Went A Little Something Like This...


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