Monday, May 19, 2008

Man Left Murder-Suicide Note On MySpace

The Suicide Note Read:

"As For David, If You Cared About Him, You Are A Fool... Consider It My Parting Gift To The World That I Remove Him Before I Did Myself."

Residents in the 200 block of South 36th Avenue awoke to sounds of police sirens early Thursday in what they considered a quiet neighborhood. They were uncertain what was going on when several patrol cars and fire engines showed up in front of their homes. They discovered later that morning that two friendly, well-liked men were dead.

They found out through family, friends, neighbors and news reports that two 21-year-olds, David McDonald and Christopher Colepaugh, had been shot.

"It was unbelievable. I dropped my keys and stood there," said Stacy Kilpatrick, 27, a neighbor and friend of McDonald. "I was hoping it was maybe wrong and it wasn't Dave."

Yakima police found McDonald dead at 12:24 a.m. on the living room couch inside the house at 209 S. 36th Ave., while roommate Colepaugh was lying on the floor next to the couch with a gunshot wound to his head. Colepaugh died shortly after arriving at Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital, a hospital spokeswoman said.

Sgt. Scot Levno said Colepaugh, who he said had been suffering from depression, used a .45-caliber semiautomatic handgun to shoot McDonald at least four times in the body and head, and later shot himself. The two had worked together at Domino's Pizza West Valley store, and had lived in the same rental house for 11/2 years.

Full story and profiles listed here.


  1. David was a good person. He was a father, boyfriend, son, brother, and friend.

  2. I agree 100% he will be missed there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about him. He was an amazing friend and always had a way to make you laugh no matter the situation

  3. I was friends with both of them. David was a very vindictive person and Chris was very depressed. I believe that they were both troubled individuals. David acted out by making fun of others, and Chris never showed signs of being upset with David. Chris let everything build up inside until it came out in the worst way possible. They should have never been friends they were both counter productive to each others sad existence.

    1. David was a vindictive person? David acted out by making fun of others? Dave was awesome, very intelligent and incredibly hilarious. Who the fuck are you? I would say a clueless little bitch... If you want to know who I am, this is Gunnar, if you ever cross my path and address yourself as "Anonymous" to me I swear you will regret it. Fuck you. I am not hard to find at all, just ask around.

    2. David was a very vindictive person? David acted out by making fun of others? Dave's existence was "sad"? Your anonymity is cowardly! Please follow Chris's example and kill yourself.

    3. You are nothing but a pussy...come out with your identity bitch! You are a coward behind an "anonymous" tag, fuck you and your whore mother...come see me bitch

    4. "You are nothing but a pussy...come out with your identity bitch! You are a coward behind an "anonymous" tag..."

      ...says the anonymous coward hiding behind a "gun7369" tag. That's rich.

      u mad bro?

    5. Hi gunner. My name is George Williams (we've met) and I am also easy to find and not afraid of bullies. I was a friend of Chris' and I also knew and respected Dave.

      The anonymous person above is only being prudent in their anonymity because, as you flawlessly demonstrate, dickless assholes threaten violence against ppl just for speaking their mind.

      Would Dave approve of your words toward this person who may well have been closer to him than you? If so, I guess he was a little vindictive aye? If not, you're being a dick to Dave as well.
      If you see me around and feel like doing time for assault, feel free to take your rage against anonymous out on me.
      Cowards resort to threats of violence toward someone who could be 12-years old for all you know, gunner. You disgrace Dave's memory by using him as an excuse to get all buck and try to look like a bad-ass- shame on you bro. Grow up.

      Everyone has their issues- let's not pretend that just because someone is dead that they must have been perfect in life. They both did have issues and it was most definitely a toxic friendship. Nothing anonymous said was inaccurate or intentionally offensive.

      Yakima is an easy place to find trouble- If that's what you're looking for, go find it. Don't come here pretending to be defending Dave's memory by besmirching it. Fuckin telling people to kill themselves... idiot.

  4. Chris was my friend, and he did have a lot of issues with depression, but I never thought he was capable of taking his own life, let alone another person's. I wish I knew how bad it was. I wish I could have done something, anything to help him.
    I did not know David, but of course I do not agree with what Chris chose to do at all. My condolences to both families.
    Chris wasn't a terrible person, but he committed a horrible, unexcusible act and I hate that he chose to leave his life in that manner. He was better than that.
    Think about him every day.

    1. I think about Chris everyday. He killed my best friend. FUCK YOUR FRIEND CHRIS. I HOPE HE ROTS IN HELL. NO ONE IS A GOOD PERSON WHO DOES THIS SUCH AS THIS. FUCK YOU.

  5. What Chris did is absolutely reprehensible, and yes that terrible quote was in his note, but he also said "For those who do (understand), please don't follow my example. Find something you can do to better this world and follow through."
    I can't defend what he did in any way, but as his friend it's hard to read that as if it was his only parting words.

    1. Chris was sick, he made a sick persons choice, and we have to live with it. You should count it a blessing your "friend" was taken away from you.

    2. Dave owned...He was like the little brother I never had, of my favorite people I have ever know, easily. Very hard when you knew them as "baby daves" as a young child and then hung out with them as adults :( I am still in shock 7 1/2 years later...

    3. Dave owned... other people's shit... that he "found" in the yards of Domino's customers. Shall I go on? As you troll, you will be trolled. Two people who were both loved by many, are gone. Lets all get on here and make it worse by hurting those who are left behind to mourn. If Chris was sick, then he was sick, not a bad person. It's easy to be mad at someone you don't understand. Are you trying to make Chris into a martyr? Because it's working.

      You don't have to live with shit- you lost a friend. Think of the people who lost an ACTUAL brother, son, FATHER, etc. Your pain is a fucking scrape on the knee compared to the families of these two people. Have a little respect, if not for the dead, for the living. ...children. I'm glad you think of Chris every day- thank-you for keeping him alive ; )

    4. Crazy that we are all still thinking and talking about this so far into the future.... I wonder what Chris and David would think?

      I have no problem with people telling the truth and setting the record straight. The truth: Chris WAS a nice person, who committed a disgusting and horrible act. If he were alive right now I would kick the shit out of him for what he did, and he was one of my best friends for many years. I was also "friends" with David for a bit longer.

      We judge people by their acts, both in the short and long terms. If you take what I know of both of them (and I knew both of them very very well- David from when we were children, and met Chris when we were 14) you would know that Chris was very kind and giving, and that David could be kind, but was not a good person at his core.

      He was highly vindictive, to the point of likely being a legitimate sociopath. At the time I did not understand it, and thought most of what he said and did was just him being a guy who didn't give a shit... trying to be funny... etc.... looking back now as more of an adult, I realize I didn't know what I was witnessing.

      There will always be two (or more) sides to everyone's personality, sometimes the contrast is minimal, sometimes its ridiculous- but for those who are telling people to go kill themselves over stating what IS the truth - I can SAFELY tell you that you were presented with a different David McDonald than myself and a few others were.... Let that sink in...

      Both of their families are incredibly generous, kind, nice people. It is a shame they have such a shitty experience linking such great people. I want to say I apologize to them for saying what I said here, but I can't- because its the truth, and I truly hope they understand that.

  6. I'm talking to you Anonymous at August 26th, 2014 @ 12:00PM. I am his family you stupid motherfucker. I am his blood cousin, I still break down and cry. I can't play his music without it invoking a terrible sadness and madness for not being able to kill Chris myself. I don't care if he was your friend, and yes David was an asshole sometimes, even to me. No one deserves a .45 to the temple and four times in the chest for being a jerk. Even if Chris was sick, that doesn't mean we forgive mentally ill people and let them be when they do terrible things. We correct it or lock their ass away. I am glad Chris is dead, if only he wouldn't have been such a pussy and waited for me to leave before he killed him. I was there you motherfucker. I heard the gunshots that killed them both. I saw the aftermath at the scene. You didn't see shit. Fuck Christopher Colepaugh. I hope he is still in just as much pain as he was when he regrettably took his own life. I say regrettably because I still wish to this day I could have put my own hands around his neck and choked every last fucking breath from his existence and look into his eyes knowing who it is killing him and why.I will defend the memory of my cousin till I die. He wasn't a saint, shit he was barely a nice person sometimes, but he was a father, a brother, a cousin, a lover, and a friend to many. If you want to press this issue with me further, fuck a blog...(509)654-6968. Gunnar, if you are reading this, please call me. I would love to catch up with you brother.

  7. Don't be anonymous August 26th @ noon. I am David's BLOOD COUSIN. Come find me, I'm not going to fight you. But I want to see the face behind the cowardice and rushed comments. Figure out who I am before you spout off at the mouth. My only thoughts of Chris are only how I could get my vengeance and retribution. David created beautiful music, and Chris left behind a suicide note talking about Wal-Mart...great friend you had there. You must be just as nuts.

  8. I shouldn't have to say nothing excuses what Chris did because it's an obvious and undeniable truth- no one is denying that it was a horrible horrible thing to do, but no-one, especially ppl who are going through it, are beyond forgiveness. Chris was clearly ill and going through some pretty trying times to boot. I didn't even realize I was basically his best friend until later. I always thought he had this other flock of friends but he didn't have as much as he may have let on. He was prideful and didn't want to come off as a loaner. And for all you know, his doc prescribed some new med that drove him mad- they don't check for stuff like that in post-postmortems. I spoke to the Detective handling the case for a couple hours. Not only should he have handed the case to someone who didn't also have a suicidal brother, but he was very haphazard in how he judged the situation. There was very little investigation and I had to personally request certain tox report data- the Detective knew very little about the circumstances even after talking to just about everyone involved, probably you too I'd assume. You know that even the kindest people are capable of the most horrible acts under the right circumstances.

    No one really knows why he did it or if it was even really Chris- his emotional chemistry was obviously in a volatile state so he could have been anyone in that moment. Lets not pretend that anyone had so much as an inkling that Chris had any violent or homicidal tendencies whatsoever before this.

    I'm sorry to say that if it is a matter of integrity of character, Chris only loses because of that final act. He advocated for Dave even when Dave wasn't so swell to him. You're only hurting yourself and those who are still around that care about you by holding onto the hatred for Chris- in his own words, he got what he deserved, did he not? His punishment has been administered. You shouldn't want to kill anyone man. That's a self-inflicted wound on your own peace-of-mind to want that.

  9. Surely Chris' absence from existence is satisfaction enough. As with Dave, Chris' Mom will never see his face again, his little brother, his father. None of them did anything wrong, but only the living are left behind to hurt, so I'm sorry man but you can't hurt Chris so you have to let that anger go. It will never fully subside, not for a lot longer atleast, but man you seem knee-deep in it like it was yesterday. That's not where you want to be. You can try to get to hell to enact retribution, but you'll only succeed in the former of the two. You can't do both.

    I can't tell you how angry I am at Chris. Selfishly, I wish he were still alive if only to visit him in prison... try to understand why. I scream at him sometimes still. I want to kick his fucking ass you know? But ofcourse I hurt for those Dave preceeded in death as well. I was at the service, if that says anything. When I hear that Pearl Jam song they played... Hell just thinking about it brings me to tears occasionally, for Dave and his family. I knew Chris far better but I really liked Dave. We were both into music production and I so envied his talent and the beautiful music he composed. He was the heart of Adonis, no doubt. And contrary to his own opinion, I think he could have done the vocals himself. I remember him showing me an acoustic track he did with him singing and I thought it was a finished track- it was a concept track for a song. He had no intention of publishing what I found to be quite blissful music indeed.

    I didn't like that they weren't getting along and I tried to talk to Chris about moving out because they were just becoming toxic to eachother. I wish I better understood the true severity of the problem and I wish I had become aware of it sooner. Anyone who is mad at Chris can be mad at me too because even though no-one can really take responsibility for what happened, I'll always know, not wonder or feel, but KNOW that I could have been a more attentive friend and I KNOW there is some pivotal role I could have played in preventing this incomprehensible tragedy.

  10. In no way am I trying to entice sympathy, just that level of peace you achieve through forgiveness, which isn't excusing the act, just accepting it and realizing you have nothing to gain and much to lose by holding this hatred in your heart. Consider me Chris' last representative. I am sorry. I know he would take it back if he could. I think you know that too.

    So stay angry. I'm still angry and I have alot less to be angry for than you. But you've got to uproot it a little. Israel is what like 11 now? He needs smiling faces telling him about his Dad. Whatever else he was, I remember him as a pretty kick-ass dude. Don't give this anger the chance to find refuge in his son's young heart. He could be reading all this stuff some day or right now. What's worse, seeing people talking trash about his dad or people teaching him how to hate someone intensely? Don't let there be a chance for even a little part of Israel's life to be about Chris Colepaugh. He'll have a hard enough time with that without receiving instruction, I'm sure. I can't imagine.

    No one needs to pretend Dave was perfect- that's a silly thing we do with our beloved departed that, IMO, absolutely dishonors their memory. He knew he wasn't an angel. He doesn't want you guys talking him up like one. Honor his memory, his real memory. I wont lie, I had a good laugh when he showed us all the shit in that huge fish tank that he stole from the yards of bad tippers. I still laugh about it. It's one of those things that was a dick-move at the time but it's been so long and the memories are so precious, it makes me smile. Plus I was a driver at Dominos too (different one, different time) so FUCK bad tippers. Dude, this may sound crass but I assure you I am being 100% sincere- if you want to honor Dave's memory, tip the pizza guy!

    Maybe I'm over-estimating your level of emotional intensity. I like to wear my conflict-resolution hat. I don't expect you to meet this little essay with anything but contempt. I have no qualms. And there is nothing you can say to me that's going to hurt my feelings so have at it if you need to man. Like I told Gunner, I'm not hard to find or get ahold of. I'm in Yakima every now and then and I'll even tolerate those threats of violence (again, I applaud your restraint on that matter) because frankly, I wont be the one getting hauled off to jail, but I will gladly take a punch to teach the coward Gunner a lesson in humility. I guess that's a shitty note to end on but anyways, take care man. I can't imagine what you went through. Yeah I hurt worse than I have in my life and for a long time over it, but I wasn't there and I wasn't anybody's cousin. I heard he was giving you a guitar lesson or something like that. I miss Dave too. And I'm fuckin' pissed off at my friend too. We're all living a limited existence. Embrace that fact and make the best of your life. Peace.


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