Thursday, May 22, 2008

Man Shaken Over Wrongful MySpace Arrest

From 2007:

A Spokane Police have arrested a 13-year old girl for allegedly using the internet to terrorize her own family. The teen was taken into custody on Saturday after detectives learned they had arrested the wrong person on cyber stalking charges.

Police started investigating this case on Valentine's Day after a north Spokane family began to receive a series of threatening messages on their myspace page. The messages took on a frightening tone when the stalker made it clear he had been inside the victims' home and was apparently monitoring their every word.

Police thought they could silence this cyber stalker by sitting down to a computer and sending their own message to the suspect but even that wasn't enough to stop the threatening e-mails.

The cyber stalker went by the name of Marco and liked playing a frightening game of hide and seek on the internet. On his profile, Marco represents himself as a motorcycle cop but writes messages like he's a hard core pedophile.

A Spokane single mother initially allowed Marco into her MySpace page after he wrote he was working at the World Trade Center during 9/11, but his messages became threatening and quickly all too specific


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