Thursday, May 22, 2008

Man's Fling With Child Ends In Arrest

Full story and MySpace profile:

Actually It Wasn’t A REAL Girl, But Someone Posing As A 13 Year Old Which Turned Out To Be (Of Course) An Undercover Police Officer.

Poor Michael Snodgrass Was Certain She Wasn’t A Cop! Why He Even Told Her That He Wanted To Continue To Chat It Up With The “Child” Because He Knew That She Wasn’t A Cop. So He Did In Fact Do Just That...For An Entire Month.

But Not Only Did The 37 Year Old Grown Man Chat It Up With The “13 Year Old” He Sent Naked Pictures Of Himself To Her Several Times, Telling Her How Much He Would Like To See Naked Pictures Of Her, Michael Apparently Knew He Could Go To Jail For Talking To Her Like That And Possessing Child Porn As Well, But Evidently He Didn’t Care To Much…He Continued To Chat With The Child Anyways!

Over The Course Of The Month He Exposed Himself In Some Fashion To The Girl Four Times, And I'm Sure In One Final Glorious Moment For Mr. Snodgrass, He Turned On His Wife’s Computer, Got Naked And Masturbated In Front Of The Webcam For The Child, And Really For Himself Too I Guess.

All This While Masquerading As An Average Family Man, With A Wife And 3 Kids. On His MySpace He States That He Is A Truck Driver, And A Part Time DJ And Seemed (From What I Can Gather) Relatively Happy Living In The Small Town Of Johnsonburg, Pennsylvania, Population 3003. But Apparently This Was Not The Case, Something Was Wrong, Terribly Wrong And So Michael Snodgrass Learns A Hard Lesson In Life. He Just Lost Everything That Makes A Man A Man And He Has Nothing Now.

Michael Threw It All Away For A Little Girl Who Didn’t Even Exist...Thankfully!

Michael Snodgrass Used This Yahoo ID To Chat With The Girl.


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