Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mom Faces Serious Neglect Charges

Prosecutors charged a mother of two with neglect charges, saying she failed to take proper care of her children. Her three-year-old son wandered off twice in the last week, and the second time he walked onto the interstate.

Prosecutor Carl Brizzi hit Nancy Dyer, 30, with serious charges. The charges stem from drivers spotting her three-year-old son playing on Interstate 465. Damon Stewart-Dyer is with grandparents now. Their daughter's temporary home is the Marion County jail.

"A couple of the charges are related to the condition of the home and another child that was still in the apartment," said Helen Marchal, deputy prosecutor.

After state police got Damon to safety, they found his mother Nancy Dyer. "When the police presented her with her child missing she didn't seem all that concerned," Marchal said.

The toddler "was eating what appeared to be spaghetti out of the trash bag, had a soiled diaper and obviously the house was not being kept very well," according to Marchal and officers at the scene.

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