Thursday, May 22, 2008

MySpace Arrest In California

From 2007:

The Temecula Police Department continues to urge parents and their children to use caution when using accounts. This warning comes after a 14-year-old Temecula girl was victimized by a 33-year-old man posing as a teenaged college student.

Police said that in January investigators received information from the mother of the girl that an unknown male had been corresponding with her daughter on a MySpace account. Investigators learned that this subject, claiming to be a 19-year-old art student attending UCLA, had requested nude photographs of the girl in order to paint her image as a project for class.

Communication with the man started in November, at which time trust was established with the girl. After several weeks of corresponding with her, the man claimed that he was an art major at UCLA. The suspect convinced the girl to send photos of herself so he could paint her. Initially, the photos requested by the suspect were generic in nature; however, as time passed, the man was able to convince the girl to send photos of herself in various stages of undressing and then totally nude.

Investigators obtained search warrants on the suspect’s MySpace account and his ISP account, subsequently learning that the suspect was not a 19-year-old male as claimed but rather 33-year-old Kevin Dale Pierce of Los Angeles.


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