Wednesday, May 28, 2008

MySpace Encounter Leads To Arrest

Full story and MySpace profile:

Naples police arrested a 22-year-old Golden Gate Estates man after they say he confessed during a monitored phone call to having a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old girl he met on MySpace and called hundreds of times.

Carl Frederick Zinck Jr., 14870 Pleasant Bay Lane, No. 1202, was charged with one count of lewd and lascivious battery — sexual act with a person 12 to 15 years of age.


  1. I know Carl very well.What YOU people don't know is that the accused was led to believe the whole time that the girl was 20 as she posted herself to be on MY Space.When the police had the girl call to meet him, Carl was still led to believe that she was 20. After he was arrested only then did he find out that she was 15. He would have never met up with her had he known. For You other girls,don't put yourselves out there to lie about your age.Don't put innocent guys in prison because you are imature and want to act older. Carl was coming into alot of mponey and the one who accused him thought she was gonna be rich. Her aunt needs parenting classes to make sure she can take care of this girl. She obviously has no supervision at home. GET A LIFE.

  2. Get a grip annonymous, just because he said he thought she was 20 doesn't make it so. He is a pervert and a child molester.
    People like you are the reason most child victims never come forward.
    You are just a sick as he is, GET A LIFE. I pray you have no children this man can have access to.

  3. BULLSHIT. I know the girl who was RAPED by that POS. You are a stupid and naive little twit. He knew exactly what he was getting into. He stalked her, beat her, raped her, and threatened me when I told him to back off. I can only hope you gain some sense and don't get put into the same position. A lot of money my ass. He was living in the Ghetto part of Naples and used that to manipulate these teenage girls. He threatened various people, not just me, who were going to break off their 'relationship'. I was the only one that didn't get scared off by his macho bullshit. Good luck with him, really. When he rapes you and your friends, I hope you won't continue to delude yourself.

  4. It looks like he's still sporting a MySpace account.

  5. Hey A.J. I happen to actually know the whole story and if you followed My Space at all, you would have noticed that the girl is still posting herself on my space, has changed her true age several times already and you might want to watch how you slander a persons name. You aren't so big and bad yourself. The girl who claimed this crap has pulled the same stunt on at least two other guys up North we have managed to ffind out. All you people who read this post might want to take this as a lesson to be learned, ask for I.D. before turning My Space encounters into a relationship and a few apologies are in order to Carl. The officers involved in this case are also under investigation due to mishandling of the arrest and their lack of improper investigation.By the way...we found out that she is on the run at this moment to avoid being arrested for filing of false charges.

  6. Update - Carl is now in jail.

  7. This is Twistedrymes. AKA CHAD MILLER. First of all. id like to say get fucked to this aj guy. sittin your fat ass down proll eating chicken and lookin at little girls on line. watch you beck. You talk hella shit but you didnt know carl. this shit happened to me. hopefully it will happen to you to. i pray that it does. lil whores these day will do anything for attention. she prolly blowed him and everything maybe even rode his dick. and bitch who is getting raped wouldnt do those. ILOVE YOU CARL. BROS BEFORE HOES. KEEP YOUR HEAD UP IN THERE!!!

  8. Hey Fuckin AJ. You are prolly really lonely. getting on here and talking shit. not much goes my way, but i hope you face the same situation fag. why dont you make the world a better place and do the kurt cobain. stupid prick. you too cry baby or whatever the fuck your name is. i hope you have no kids at all. if only there was a way to have a statistic on how many dudes that are in jail cause of some bitch who lied about her age. if her shit said she was 20. you would fuck her too. its apparent that maybe he didnt want to be with her ugly ass or he would have been her dude. but no they fucked then he didnt want shit to do with him so she told on him. sound like a sadistic little cunt to me.KEEP YOUR HEAD UP CARL!!! BROS BEFORE HOES..... THE NAME IS TRWISTEDRYMES AKA CHAD MILLER. MY NUMBER IS 405-589-8239. IF YOU HAVE ANY FUCKING QUESTION

  9. Anonymous, Are you Sam? Announce yourself if you know so much? If your're not Sam,I suggest you SHUT UP! You don't have a clue on what is going on,but trust me,you will. Go ahead hide behind your computer. Remember this "WHAT COMES AROUND GOES AROUND"!

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