Wednesday, May 21, 2008

MySpace Sued By Four Families

From 2007:

Question: Why Is It Everytime MySpace Faces A Major Lawsuit Over It's Policies They Miraculously (Just Days Before Or After) Change Their Policy And Attempt To Make The Site Safer.

Only When They're Being Sued Does Something Ever Get Done Over There. It's True! Only Twice Have They Made Such A Major Annoucement In Regards To Their Attempt At Making The Website Safer, & Just Days Before Or After A Lawsuit!

This Recent Saftey Effort On The Part Of MySpace Was Announced Less Than 24 Hours After A New Lawsuit Just Came Off The Wire About 10 Minutes Ago...

The Same Thing Happened Back In June Of 2006, After Pete Solis Allegedly Lied In His MySpace Profile About Being A Senior On The Football Team To Gain A Girl's Trust.

She Later Claimed She Was Sexually Assaulted...


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