Saturday, May 24, 2008

Police: 3 Year Old Witnessed Sex Acts

Full story and MySpace profile:

Four people have been charged with child molestation after police in Peachtree City received a tip about photos that showed a 3-year-old observing sex acts.

Police launched an investigation after learning of the photos through a a man who said he found them in a desk used by one of the suspects. Investigators said they were eventually able to identify all of the people who were present when the photos were taken inside a home in Peachtree City.

As a result of the investigation, warrants for the arrests of four people were issued, including one for the girl's father -- Micah Burns, 34, who was located in Michigan. Police were working with law enforcement in Michigan to secure Burns' arrest.

On Monday, police arrested Paul Graffeo, 39, at his home where the sex acts allegedly took place in Peachtree City and Jody Graham, 43, at her home in Peachtree City. The fourth suspect, Lauren Barchi, 22, of Alpharetta, surrendered to police Monday evening.


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