Thursday, May 22, 2008

Police Arrest Alleged MySpace Predator

From 2007:

Hisham A. Salim had a Valentine’s Day he won’t soon forget. The 26-year-old male had secured a room at the Shilo Oceanfront Resort, bought some alcohol and was prepared to meet with what he believed to be a 15-year-old girl. But when he got to the hotel, what he encountered was a team of law enforcement officers.

In an investigation that has been ongoing for several weeks, Seaside Police and Oregon State Police detectives apprehended Salim in the parking lot of the Shilo on Feb. 14. Salim had been having an online interlude with a make-believe 15-year-old girl for weeks and, based on evidence seized during his arrest, had come to Seaside to have sex with her. Salim’s last known address was in Astoria.

"The most interesting thing is he’s a transient. He’s been living out of his truck," Seaside Police Chief Bob Gross said. "He’s been using a library computer for the e-mailing."

Salim had been using a MySpace account under a pseudonym to make contact with the girl.


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