Monday, May 19, 2008

Police Arrest Suspected Sexual Predator

From 2006:

Police in Murray say they've arrested a sexual predator. A 20-year old man had relationships with young girls, including a nine-year old.

The investigation began next week after a concerned father called police. Investigators discovered that his 14-year old daughter was having a sexual relationship with the suspect.
They also found two other victims, and there may be more.

Det. Rob Hall, Murray Police Dept.: "He was working so subtly and so quietly that it took us a while to become aware of him."

Michael Kirth's boyish looks may have appealed to young girls.

Det. Hall: "The age difference was enough that, I think, the kids were a little more beyond guarded in talking to this man because he looks like a kid himself."

Police say he frequented public places in Murray.

Det. Hall: "Anything from the roadway as kids were walking home from school, libraries, eating establishments, that type of place where kids would normally hang out after school."

Investigators believe Kirth befriended girls, swapped emails and phone numbers with the intent of luring them into a sexual relationship.

Police know of three victims between nine and 15-years old.


  1. I knew Mickey personaly. He didnt do any thing to any of those girls. All of you think just cause the news says it happened then it did. They are wrong. Dead wrong. I knew the horrible girl that lied about him, I hate her with every part of my body. If I knew this site put this up i would have posted sooner. The nine year old was a girl that was always trying to kling to him. He had to push her away with out hurting her feelings. She got mad that he did that and lied. All those girls lied to get some attention. All you make me sick to judge some one you dont know in a situation you have no idea about just cause the news says its right. I hope all of you burn for the crap you sling just to be kool and talk on this site.

    The person that posted this on this site, I hope bad things happen to you.

  2. Wow, that was back in 2006 when I posted the story on the forum. Actually, it was report by Sandra Yi via NBC affiliate KSL.

    So your beef is probably with her.

    Oh wait, you already know that because you posted the SAME damn message on their board as you did here.


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