Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Police Kill Teen Who Murdered Mom With Sword

Full story and MySpace profile:

Authorities are trying to learn why a Huron teenager who was shot to death after attacking a policeman was swinging a sword at others in his home in a chain of events that also left his mother dead.

Josh Gilchrist, 16, a sophomore at Huron High School, was shot and killed early Friday after assaulting officer Dan Kight.

Gilchrist swung a weapon that "was probably in the neighborhood of 3 feet long, a heavy-bladed sword, something more like a samurai sword," Doug Schmitt, the Huron police chief, said Saturday. He said they have discovered no motive yet.

After shooting Gilchrist, police searched the home and found the body of his mother, Betty Gilchrist, 49.

Four police officers came to the Gilchrist home shortly before 6 a.m. Friday. There they found Josh Gilchrist's sister, Rebekah Gilchrist, 14, with several cuts to her arms and hands. Moments later they encountered Josh Gilchrist, who was carrying the sword and attacked Kight.

Two of the four officers present fired their guns. Those two now are on administrative leave with pay pending an investigation by South Dakota authorities, standard procedure in a police shooting.


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