Monday, May 26, 2008

Police: Man Sexually Assaulted Teen, Used MySpace

Full story and MySpace profile:

Lyle Mitsugi Nonaka is charged with first degree sexual assault.

Court documents allege Nonaka tricked a 14 year old boy into letting him perform oral sex on the boy on two occasions.

According to a police officer quoted in the court document Nonaka pretended to be a woman named Shayna. The boy met "Shayna" on the Web site

Posing as Shayna, Nonaka convinced the boy to send a nude picture of himself. Then, using the picture as leverage, "Shayna" blackmailed the boy getting him to masturbate for her on a webcam.

Police contend Nonaka continued to fool and blackmail the boy until Nonaka eventually performed oral sex on the boy.


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