Monday, May 19, 2008

Shane Clark: Teacher And MySpace Predator

Students and parents are accusing a Kaneohe high school teacher's aide of sexual misconduct -- and of buying drugs and alcohol for kids. Police confirm reports have been filed, but no arrest has been made. The principal says the person accused was fired Wednesday for unrelated reasons.

Teens say this has been going on for months, but just Thursday the first police reports were made.

According to witnesses and alleged victims, a 32-year-old male teacher's aide went too far with Castle High School students.

"There's probably 10 boys that said that they got massages from him," said Matthew Goldstein, older brother of a Castle student.

Parents say he bragged to their kids about having sex with young boys. Neighbors and former roommates say he'd bring kids to his apartment.

Students and parents say he'd often lure kids off the Castle campus.

"On April 20th, he called in sick and had the kids meet him -- all cut out of school -- and meet him in the mountains to go hiking," said Kathy Olivera, mother of a Castle student.
Teens say he supplied them with liquor and marijuana.

"He was cool to us earlier then after awhile we started finding out all this stuff and that it was true," said 16-year-old Ryan Santos. "I found out he was doing bad stuff to people and everything."

"We knew the guy was up to no good," Goldstein said. "We'd see him smoking weed with the kids, ditching school with the kids, buying alcohol with the kids."

Girls say they were targeted, too, on and off campus. It started with lewd conversation.

"He just started talking about sexual things to us, he started being really open," said one 15-year-old accuser.

Several teens said he was into witchcraft and threatened to put spells on them if they told authorities. The man maintained a "MySpace" web page promoting massage services, listing Wiccan as his religion and proclaiming his affinity for marijuana.

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