Thursday, May 22, 2008

Shock: Teddy Bear Used To Spy On Kids!

Full story and MySpace profile:

Durham Regional Police are warning parents to check their children's toys after officers discovered that a Bowmanville man facing child pornography charges had retrofitted a teddy bear with a video camera in its eyes.

"There is an indication that there may be more spy cameras. Anyone who has been given toys or stuffed animals by him [should] check them," said Detective Randy Norton, who had the white teddy bear in question within reach.

The battery-operated camera -- which peered out from behind the ursine toy's glass eyes -- had a wireless remote on it and could be operated from some distance away, police said.

On April 28, police received information that a man had engaged in an inappropriate sexual relationship with two girls, aged three and 11, said Det. Norton, who is with the force's sexual assault unit.

The man knew the girls' family, Det. Norton added.

When officers arrived at a Glen Street address in south Oshawa that evening, they found the man talking with a 17-year old girl in an adjacent park.

After being approached by police, the man admitted to having a handgun and "reached for it," Det. Norton said.

Two officers subdued him after a struggle.

The following day, police raided the man's Hobbs Drive home in Bowmanville and seized computer equipment, a number of tapes allegedly depicting him sexually assaulting young children and a wristband device similar to a watch capable of recording images, police said.

"The problem is, after reviewing some of the evidence, it is possible that some of the parents would not have known that he was videotaping [the children]," Det. Norton said.

Police allege that the man had also hidden video cameras inside the room of a female victim.


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