Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Small Town Murder: Man Gets 2 1/2 Years

I think Dusty has gotten out of prison by now, as this post is nearly two years old...

In the end, it was Dusty Pinkham's youth that saved him from the maximum prison term allowed in an aggravated assault case that resulted in a death last August and deeply divided his home town of Bingham.

Pinkham, 19, was sentenced Wednesday to serve 21/2 years in the state prison for the beating death of Blaine Beane, 47, of neighboring Moscow. Beane died as a result of head injuries following a fist fight with Pinkham on Main Street, Bingham, outside Moose Ally Inn, which since has closed.

"The mitigating factor is your young age -- you were between your junior and senior year in high school," Superior Court Justice Joseph Jabar said during sentencing. "Even if it was bullying, it was unintentional and unforeseeable."

Pinkham, who finished his high school diploma by studying evenings at Upper Kennebec Valley High School, received a total of 5 years in prison, with all but 21/2 years suspended and 3 years probation after he is released.

If Pinkham violates his probation, he could end up serving the full 5 years.

Beane died last Aug. 7.


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