Friday, May 23, 2008

Suspected MySpace Predators Arrested

From 2007:

Here Are Two Recent Articles About Two Different Cases That Involved Everyone's Favorite Website Here, MySpace.

First Up Is 63 Year Old Daniel Harrison McKenzie Who Had Been Corresponding With A 15 Year Old Girl On The Site. He Was Arrested Shortly After He Drove Up To The Girl's School And Told Them He Was A Relative There To Pick Up The Girl.

After School Officals Became Suspicious, He Proceeded To Change His Story Telling Them That He Actually Wasn't A Relative But A Caseworker From The Girl's Past Instead!

You Can Read More About Daniel McKenzie Here.

Next Up Is The Case Of 21 Year Old Otensi Dekargai Of Pawtucket, Rhode Island. According To The Pawtucket Times, He Allegedly Met Up With An 11 Year Old Girl On MySpace, And After Being Interviewed By Local Police He Was Jailed On Charges Of First Degree Child Molestation.

He Could Potentially Be Sentenced To Life In Prison.

For More On The Case Of Otensi Dekargai Click Here.


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