Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Teen Girl Baits Sex Offender

Tracked girl online after seeing her MySpace profile, but girl switches tables:

A spunky 16-year-old West Bend girl pretended to flirt online with a 31-year-old Milwaukee man, then delivered a swift cyber-kick in the pants when he asked her to have sex with him.

"There are many children in this world that fall into sick-minded traps like yours everyday," she wrote in her reply. "They usually end up getting hurt, kidnapped and/or killed. I, however, am not one of those children, nor will I ever become one."

When Tsengminh Xiong first made contact with her, she knew what to do

Xiong approached the girl on Yahoo Messenger in July 2005, repeatedly asking her to have sex with him. The girl, who turns 18 later this month, continued to chat with Xiong to get more information she could to relay to police. At one point, she mentioned that her grandmother lived in Waukesha, and Xiong tried to arrange a meeting with her there. He also gave her his phone number.

The printout of the conversation was given to agents with the state Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, who were able to track down Xiong through phone records and online registries.

Xiong told investigators that he tracked the girl online after seeing her picture on her MySpace.com page. He was arrested in January. Afterward, Xiong apologized in a letter to the girl and her parents for his "inappropriate use of language."


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