Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Teens Dodge Jail In DVD Abuse Case

Full story and MySpace profiles:

Australians have reacted with shock and outrage to revelations that a group of schoolboys filmed themselves sexually abusing and degrading a teenage girl and posted excerpts on the Internet.

The horrific video shows a group of 12 youths surrounding the 17-year-old girl, who has a mild developmental problems, bullying her to perform sex acts, urinating on her and setting her hair alight, local media reported on Wednesday.

A DVD of the attack in Werribee suburb in the southern city of Melbourne was sold widely at several schools in the area and segments were posted on the Internet video website YouTube, the reports said.

The cover of the DVD states that the footage is brought "to you by the teenage kings of Werribee. No one messes with us. We only mess with them".

Two boys have been expelled from school, others suspended and police are investigating criminal charges.

Victoria state Premier Steve Bracks said he was "appalled" by the incident and hoped the boys would be prosecuted.

The girl's father, named only as Alan, told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation his daughter had arranged through an Internet chat service to meet two boys and visit a Werribee shopping centre.


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