Thursday, June 26, 2008

After Nearly Killing Man With Car, Teen Brags About It On MySpace

By all accounts 17-year-old Jeffrey Perrette might be a dumbass and here’s why:

On Wendesday, June 11 Jeffrey Allan Perrette allegedly used his car to strike a man’s vehicle, then while still driving hit the man again breaking his leg and sending him to the hospital.

The victim, 31-year-old Jason Heath Wigley told investigators that while they do not know each other, earlier they had exchanged some words when he tried to ask the teen why he kept driving through the neighborhood.

According to Wigley, the driver had been continuously cruising around the area while yelling obscenities and had almost run over some local kids.

Sheriff's Capt. Ron Pullen said Wigley was standing near his Mercedes when it was struck. As he was picking up the busted pieces off the road the car then suddenly turned around again and proceeded to hit him.

Fearing for his life and with a broken leg, Wigley said he pulled himself into a wooded area.

At this point, Perrett already has earned the title of "dumbass", but his behavior gets even moronic when he used his MySpace account to brag about the hit-and-run as his headline for the site reads:

"I hit ya wit tha chrome piece leave ya body 6 feet"

Naturally, after finding the comments on his MySpace page as well as other identifying details police arrested and charged him with aggravated assault.

When they learned of Jeffrey’s MySpace profile, the victim and his family were not only horrified at what had occurred on Riverline Road but the fact that he had the gull to brag about his crime.

"I looked at his MySpace and couldn't believe what I saw," Wigley said. His mother, Sheriann Kemp, described it as "like something out of a horror movie. He thought he killed my son and had the nerve to brag about it...”

The good news is Jason is home safe, while the teen that could have killed him remains in jail on nearly $100,000 bond.

Did I mention already that Jason Wigley drove a Mercedes, while Jeffrey Perrette drove this:

He affectingly calls it the “Dope Mobile”; of course his original meaning I’m sure has since been lost after the horrifying incident.


  1. listen here you ignort cock sucker your a fuckin dumb ass who dont know shit wiggley is a cock sucker and he attacked me and plus that faggot jumped out in front of tha car and thats not even tha car i was in ya fuckin douche bag i still got that car and its undamaged and you ignorant fuck that headline was on my myspace 3 months before the incident so what ya dumb fuck do i got esp? ya think i knew that faggot was gonna jump in front of my car? no so obviously yall are dumb shit talkin bitches

  2. Was that a joke, or were you serious about Jason Wigley?

  3. hit ya with tha crome piece leave ya body ten feet put in litral terms for dumb asses who cant figure it out cause there blinded by there parents money...
    "hit you with tha crome piece"(i shot you with my shiney silver gun) it has nothing to do with a car cause the car he was driving probably didn't have a single piece of crome on it so why don't you research what it means before you go through the trouble to make your self look like a dumbass!!!

  4. His parents don't have any $$..His grandmother always got them out of jams..She's dead and grandfather remarried .


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