Wednesday, June 18, 2008

MySpace Photo Helps Lead To Arrest Of Child Rapist

Suspect admits to raping girl for 3 years, and videotaping it:

A Georgia man has been arrested after federal authorities say he has been making a series of child pornography videos.

38-year-old James Bartholomew Huskey of LaFaayette, was arrested Monday at his home after a two year investigation that began in Australia.

According to the complaint, James Huskey is accused of repeatedly raping a young girl who was thought to be between the ages of 5 and 9, videotaping the acts and uploading the videos on the web to a suspected child pornography ring.

The two year long investigation started when Australian authorities intercepted the child porn ring, and believed that the young girl being raped, dubbed “Tara” lived somewhere in the United States.

After careful analysis of various backdrops and objects seen in the video, police somehow came across a MySpace profile with a series of photos whose “background images” were similar to those seen in the video. Police were able to trace the suspect to his home thereafter.

Huskey later admitted to molesting the now 9-year-old girl since she was 6 and that same girl also confirmed pieces of Huskey’s confession and stated that she was raped by him within in the last day.

He is scheduled in court on Monday.

Right now, MySpace is getting a face lift and is currently updating it’s search, so there is no profile as of yet.

UPDATE: Huskey sentenced to 70 years


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