Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Police Arrest Lesbian Couple For Torture Of Child

Boy fighting for his life, say police:

A California woman, 24-year-old Starkeisha Brown and her 21-year-old girlfriend Krystal Matthews are both being held on various charges of child torture.

Investigators say Brown’s son, a 5-year-old boy is currently fighting for his life after being tormented with “countless” cigarette burns on his genitals and all all over his body and that the child was even forced to put his own hands on a burning hot stove.

Police also allege he was beaten repeatedly and forced to sit in his own urine.

Luckily, it took a complete stranger who found the 5-year-old abandoned and proceeded to contact authorities.

Chief James McDonnell of the LAPD said in his 27 year of service that he has “never seen anybody with these kinds of injuries that has lived.”

Lets all hope and pray that his 27 years of experience is wrong and that if true, the two get fully what they deserve.


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