Thursday, July 3, 2008

Brooke Bennett: 1995-2008

Body found one week after dissapearing:

The lifeless body of 12-year-old Brooke Bennett was found yesterday, near the home owned by her uncle, Michael Jacques in Randolph

Col, James Baker, said the body was found about 4:45 pm and called the death “clearly suspicious”.

According to a recently unsealed affidavit, an unidentified 14-year-old told investigators she was present on June 25th when Jacques tricked Brooke into thinking she was going to a party where he took her too his home instead to initiate her into a sex ring.

During the initiation process, the girl was led to believe that Brooke would be having sex with adult males.

When Brooke and the unnamed girl arrived with Jacques at his house, she and Brooke watched television for a while until Jacques told her to leave and then proceeded to take his 12-year-old niece upstairs.

The unidentified teenager told police she never saw Brooke again after that.

Meanwhile, Brooke's former stepfather, Raymond Gagnon from Texas, appeared in federal court Wednesday on an obstruction of justice charge in the Bennett case.

The MySpace twist involved Gagnon and Jacques, according to police.

Gagnon, who lives in San Antonio but sometimes visited the state of Vermont, accessed Brooke’s MySpace account from his computer after receiving login information from Jacques.

Police said they have evidence that postings to her MySpace were altered to make it appear that Brooke had discussed a secret meeting with someone identified as "Skittlemeup" before she disappeared.

Gagnon also admitted to possessing child pornography on his laptop.

About 300 people gathered Wednesday night in Randolph, to mourn her death.


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