Saturday, July 19, 2008

Gash Pleads Guilty In Plot To Steal Baby

Previously met victim on MySpace:

Last year I told you about the the case of Lauren Gash and Alisa Betts here and here.

Previously, both girl were arrested when they sprayed a pregnant women (whom they had met on MySpace) with pepper spray, kidnapped her and then took her to a motel.

Allegedly, there the plan was to cut the baby from her womb, steal the child and then possibly leave the pregnant woman there to die.

After initially entering a not guilty plea, Lauren Gash changed her mind after confessing to her role in the failed plot to steal the child.

She has been charged with kidnapping, assault and felonious restraint and is scheduled to be sentenced in August.

Meanwhile, Betts, won't have her day in court until October.


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