Saturday, July 19, 2008

Man Kidnaps, Kills Wife Then Self

With his face painted, and dressed in camouflage as well as armed with a shotgun and a knife, Danlee Mead drug his estranged wife, Jessica, out of her parent's home and into the woods where allegedly he shot her multiple times eventually pulling the gun on himself as well.

That's what Michigan police say happened Thursday night in densely populated area of Ferry Township.

Oceana County Sheriff's Lt Tim Priese stated that Danlee who had recently broke up with his wife this past memorial day, had parked his vehicle behind the home, broke into the house, stole the shotgun and then waited for her to arrive.

Upon arriving home with family members, Mead confronted Jessica which is when he drug her out into the wooded area and shot her death.

Later that day, officers found the lifeless body of Jessica Mead behind the house and later found Danlee's body nearly 4,000 feet from her.

For some time now, Danlee Mead had been using MySpace to release his sadness with how his life had turned out recently, in fact the day before the murder-suicide took place, he wrote "Dan is going to have a hard day today" in reference to missing his son's birthday.

He also wrote a blog entry entitled "Saying Goodbye", writing "I love you and will miss you with all my heart".

But there was also a dark side to Danlee MySpace postings, on an archived version of his MySpace profile, seen here, He wrote:

Far different from how his MySpace had looked on Thursday:

Perhaps the scariest of all his writings was the following:

From only my observation, it appears that Danlee had probably been thinking about this for some time.

According to Department of Corrections Web site, Mr. Mead had already stacked up quite a lengthy criminal history.

Danlee Brigg Mead, one for the books. A selfish fool, with a bubble bursted ego, who not only took the children's mother away from them, but foolishly neglected the thought that he was also talking their father away from them as well.

May he burn in hell for an eternity.

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  1. He was right.....she was a pysco. Believe me I KNOW. Playin games with his son like that. She freaked if she didnt get her way. Poor Dan for having to put up with her for so long.

  2. You can share your opinion with him when you see him in hell.

    Poor Jessica, and how awful what he did to his kids taking away his mother and father like that.


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