Friday, July 4, 2008

Man Surrenders In MySpace Girl's Disappearance

Girl who dissapeared June 30th, found safe:

Police in New York have arrested a 23-year-old Binghamton man after they say he met a 14-year-old Wisconsin girl over the summer on MySpace and then disappeared with her over this past week.

Kyle Dewolf is believed to have run off with Rachel Green after waiting for her bus to take her to summer school, instead though she got into DeWolf's car and they drove off together.

Meanwhile, DeWolf has been charged with transferring obscene material to a minor and crossing state lines in an effort to have sex with a minor.

He was recently discharged from the Army.


  1. I'm glad she's ok. She's a very good friend of mine.

  2. Mr. deWolf argues that he likes young girls and that should be legal. He wants help paying for treatment (he is about to come out of prison).

    He argues that he is not a pedophile. He simply is attracted to young girls (above the age of 13). He argues that this is normal. He's written extensively on the topic.

    Very scary.


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