Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Official Police Affidavit On Brooke Bennett

Police say that Brooke Bennett's uncle, Michael Jacques, posted the following on the now deceased 12-year-old's MySpace account in order too trick them into believing that she was abducted by a MySpace predator.

Jacques reportedly posted it the night before she died:

"I know i promised never 2 post u on this page but i know u read both of mine all the time. I don't care use my other one at my cousins because my aunt and uncle gotta know my passwords and stuff and get freaked. Nobody but u and me can know about the other one! I do want to see you in the morning so please meet me.... u know where.

I think i have a good plan to sneak around this. My mom will kill me but then I'm going 2 Texas and she will get over it. Sorry I was such a baby last time. Promise u not this time!! U can bring ur friend but u have 2 admit that's pretty weird.

I cant wait 2 see what u got me 4 my b-day surprise!! Ur so good 2 me when we r able 2 b together. I hate that I wont see u till ur classes start again in the fall but i love that we can b together one more time. It just might last me for the summer.

They say ur first is the one u always want and that's u baby! This girl don't sneak out of her house at 2 in the morning 4 just any man! OMG if only people knew me 4 real!

See you there!"


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