Friday, August 15, 2008

Man Arrested On Rape Charges

Two initially met online, say reports:

A truck driver living in the state of Tennessee has been arrested after allegations surfaced that he raped a woman at a weigh station whom he had met online.

Elvis A. Frazier, 42, of Smyrna, was arrested during a visit to his probational officer in Murfreesboro.

After initially meeting online, Frazier and the alleged victim discussed a meet up point where the two could finally see each other in person.

Eventually the two decided that a closed weight station in the early morning hours would be ideal.

Myself, I can't imagine how that would be a good idea to begin with, but apparently that's what happened police have said.


  1. I happen to know for a fact this is false. I wish I could get into details but I can't. Just think about it, why on earth would a woman meet a man she hasn't met yet at 1 am at a closed weigh station where no one else would be around unless she wanted to have sex with him? She stayed on the phone with him for 45 minutes as she was driving home so he could help her find her way, if she was really raped she would not have wanted him to know where she lived, would she... Only a sick woman would make an accusation like that when it isn't true...

  2. Just because you meet someone after midnight it doesn't mean you want sex. No means no.

    I'm sure Fraizer is the one who suggested that place and time of that meeting. I suggest you have your friend take a polygraph if he is claiming to be innocent.

  3. I don't know if you are a man or a woman,you are described merely as anonymous, I ask you this, if you were a woman raped by a man would you call him afterwards and talk for 45 minutes as you drove home so he could help you find your way? That was her testimony, read in the courtroom. If she said no why on Earth did she call him? Polygraph huh? I guess you watch those detective shows on tv a lot too... Not done nearly as often in real life, or nearly as available


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