Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Man Charged In Rape Of Teen

MySpace profile states victim was stepdaughter:

A New York man has been accused of having sex with a minor younger than 15, according to a Child Advocacy Center.

Edward Pohl, 44, of Utica, turned himself into police after he was charged with second-degree rape.

According to the above MySpace profile, an angry friend states the victim was his own stepdaughter whom he had been planning a future with.

Pohl is currently in jail, awaiting $20,000 bail.


  1. I believe that angry friend is his ex wife whose daughter he was messing with

  2. OK what he did was horrible truly horrible but that whole family make up is disfunctional. Mom is a habitual IDIOT who knew and did nothing at all for about 3 years. Has emotionally abused all 3 of her children and play emothional games with all of them. Allows her boy to " see how love making is done " by watching her. Sleeps naked with her male children. They are both rapists if you ask me


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