Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Married Man Jailed After Attempting To Meet Girl From MySpace

Girl was only 13:

Police in the state of Utah have arrested a 32-year-old married man after they say he attempted to meet up with a 13-year-old girl from MySpace.

On August 1st, Torrey Jay Copfer, of Layton, was charged with enticing a minor over the Internet. According to investigators, Copfer admitted to chatting with several other underage girls online.

The case against Copfer unraveled when the mother of the victim called police after looking at her daughter's computer and found the disturbing conversations.

Officials close to the investigation have said that girl also maintained another "relationship" with a different man who is currently in jail on child rape charges.

Police ask that if you recognize any of the following e-mail address that you contact them at the following number: (801) 451-4145.,, and

Besides the above profile, Torrey Copfer also maintained another one here, in which he list his age as 25.


  1. this scum is also user "geonut" on eBay.

  2. his latest email address is

  3. and you are a MF no1.celticsfan who thinks that is the most clever guy in the world! you are a USA scum!

  4. This is also Torrey Copfer:

  5. This happened back in 2008. Copfer has already been found guilty and is on the sex offender registry in Utah. Case closed.

  6. Let me rephrase.... this thread is closed.

  7. stop defending child molesters, this forum should never be closed.

    Why would a MOD post an article but prevent users from commenting. "post a comment" should be grey out if you dont want post added" And why would would forum be closed, dont understand your thinking, no problem i will more on and psot elseware.


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