Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Case Against Pastor Steve Richardson Continues

Yet more information has been released on the case against Pastor Steve Richardson. The official criminal complaint filed by the U.S government can be found at the bottom of this post.

However, I've included two sets of transcripts here in which the undercover officer engaged in an online chat using "Google Hello" with Richardson (cowboysspades).

Thursday, December 20, 2007:

cowboysspades: hi
Officer: hey
cowboysspades: how r u
Officer: bit boredyou?
cowboysspades: same
(cowboysspades is sending 6 pictures.)
Officer: that your old woman? Lol
cowboysspades: i wish
Officer: merry Christmas...ho...ho...ho
Officer: damn she's fine
Officer: wish santa would put her in my stocking
Officer: :)
cowboysspades: that would make a merry Christmas
Officer: a merry happy hard cristmas
cowboysspades: a smackin good time
cowboysspades: u got some pics
Officer: wish I did...starting over
Officer: I guess I must have pissed you off.... I'm sorry, I should have told you ahead of time
cowboysspades: No problem
Officer: maybe we can trade when I replenish my collection
Officer: maybe santa will nice this year
Officer: I guess your not santa
Officer: lol
Officer: later

According to the affidavit, during the conversation cowboysspades sent a total of six images to the undercover officer.

Description: Image depicts a female minor who appears to be around the age of six years. She is sitting on a chair, nude. Her legs are spread apart, revealing her vagina.

The other images include a depiction of a female minor, totally nude, knelling on what appears to be a boat dock and female minors wearing lingerie in various poses. These images would be considered "child erotica".

Then again the Undercover Officer crosses paths online with "cowboysspades" on Friday, February 1, 2008.

The following conversation took place:

cowboysspades: hi
Officer: hey
Officer: how's it going?
cowboysspades: how r u
Officer: you been?
cowboysspades: good and horny
Officer: yah me too
cowboysspades: what u in mood for
Officer: at work and I'm having the hardest time concentrating...fantasizing about my daughter
cowboysspades: awesome
cowboysspades: how old is she
Officer: 4
cowboysspades: even more awesome
Officer: yea, such a cute age
cowboysspades: you ever doing anything with her
Officer: willing to do anything for you.... :)
cowboysspades: you touch and lick her>?
Officer: maybe.... :)
cowboysspades: :)
cowboysspades: got pics of her
Officer: not that I share that often
cowboysspades: ahhhh but I would love to see her
Officer: those are held close, close in..... :)
(cowboysspades is sending 5 pictures.)
Officer: a flower that needs to be picked:)
Officer hot.....
Officer :)
cowboysspades: no pics?
Officer: not while I'm at work dude. :(
Officer: sorry... thought you knew that
Officer: later dude....boss just came in with a shit load of work..

The images were determined to be "child erotica"...and did not completely fall into the category of child pornography.

But the case however continued, and I'm sure you can all imagine just how shocked investigators were when they drove up to 305 North Josephine Street in Roysce City.

You can download the entire 21 page affidavit here. But I warn you, if you thought the above was graphic, then I suggest that you don't view it.


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