Friday, September 26, 2008

More Information Released On Pastor Steve Richardson

Traded images of infants with others, say police:

More information was released late yesterday on the arrest of Royse City Texas Pastor Steve Richardson on child porn charges.

According to ICE agents, Richardson has admitted to them that he had been trading child pornography online using the same computer that he had been using for work.

Investigators close to the case say that the trading took place on the now defunct "Google Hello", and Richardson's arrest was a result of a lengthy investigation which had previously began sometime back in August of 2007.

A big break occurred when ICE agents assumed the online identity of an individual whom they had recently arrested in separate child pornography case.

They then subsequently began communicating online with someone who called themselves “cowboysspades."

The individual using "cowboysspades" sent the officers a total of six images.

Detectives say, as their investigation deepened, more information developed that "cowboysspades" had at least chatted with and traded child pornography with nine other individuals, including several disturbing images involving infants.

Can you guess where I'm going with this? Of course you can...

At some point, "cowboysspades" was then traced even further to two separate e-mail account's, girlpedolover@ and girlpedolover @

Both accounts led to Royse City, Texas and to the home and church of Pastor Steve Richardson.

I hope investigators are also aware that Richardson had been uploading similar images of the same nature for some time now on a notorious Russian server.

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  1. well. sadly enough this guy used to be my youth director at First United Methodist in Duncanville. he was a really cool guy, but something was off with this guy. he was always really good friends with the younger girls. and the younger girls always seemed to love him.

    do i think he was being shady that far back? not at all. but, he was headed towards that direction.

    and if he was doing shady shit that far back i will personally castrate this man myself.


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