Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pastor's House And Church Raided In Kid Porn Investigation

Investigators think Pastor Steve is a bad man:

A Royse City Texas minister has been arrested on child pornography charges after police raided both his home and church.

Immigration Customs Enforcement agents confirmed yesterday that 36-year-old Steve Richardson was taken into custody as investigators seized his computers and other unidentified material.

According to his above MySpace profile, Richardson has been a United Methodist pastor for the First United Methodist Church in Royse City for nearly two years. He also maintained another organization at his church The Sunday Night Football Bible Study and his profile on GodTube can be found here.

He also appeared to have an interest in other things I guess. The good pastor was known by some online as bigguylover1972.

He wrote this post in an online (age play) forum:

"i love 4-14 with 6-8 being my fav for ageplay. so sweet and innocent. i love playing daddy to a young girl or boy. i especially love playing with a mommy for the kids. a whole family orgy.i began jerking off when i was 6 and was active with girls when i was me or yahoo me if you want to play"

His profile states:

"i am a pastor of a mainline church just outside of dallas. i have been a pastor for the pastor 10 years. i am married with two sons."

He has since had a daughter...

Richardson uses the following picture on the aforementioned site:

That's the only one I could show. Look familiar? **corrected**.

So without going into greater detail, I have a pretty good idea investigators are going to dig up a whole lot of images and videos of child pornography on his computer.

Richardson has been suspended pending the investigation.


  1. GOD help him when he gets out!! He has brought so much shame on the great people of Royse City. I know my Grandmother is rolling over in her grave. This peice of SH_T handled her services.

  2. I'm really sorry. I'm sure he has hurt a lot of people. Do you have any idea whether or not is wife is sticking by his side?

    I sure hope she's smarter than that.

  3. This man's former church, Boyd United Methodist Church was in our church district. Saw this man a few times and always thought there was something about him that just didn't seem right. But, had no idea that he was into things like this. A sad day for the Methodist church.

  4. Sorry, folks, but if you are going to a United Methodist church, this is exactly what you should expect. The leadership of that denomination has practically denounced the Bible and shamed the Lord by calling on His help to do so. Straight is the gate and narrow the way and sitting in a church, every Sunday, doesn't make you a Christian.


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