Sunday, September 14, 2008

Perverted Justice Bust Up

It's a weekend, so the news tends to run slow. So for today's post I'll run you by some recent men who were arrested over the summer after allegedly soliciting sex online from someone whom they had believed to be minors.

The suspects were busted by individuals working with the ever great team over at Perverted Justice, who I've been covering for years now.

While you would almost have to be lying in a coma since the Clinton Administration not to know who they are, there is a slight possibility that someone out there has no idea what any of this means.

So for them, please visit Perverted Justice.

Got that? Good!

Now onto the profiles...

Scott Ely, of Belfast Maine
Mike Perry, of Waterbury, Connecticut
Russell Baker, of Santa Cruz, California
Marty Harris, of Jackson, Mississippi
Tony Giacobbi, of Las Vegas, Nevada
Larry Frank, of Prattville, Alabama

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