Friday, September 19, 2008

Suspected MySpace Predator Skips Court Appearance

Police can't find him:

A 39-year-old Temecula California man who is suspected of engaging in sexual acts with several minors from MySpace and other sites has apparently skipped court on his charges.

Daren Michael Elarmo, AKA Daren Jones, who police say trolled the internet looking for young teenaged boys, now has a warrant out for his arrest after skipping his court appearance earlier this past week.

Elaramo is accused of arraigning to meet a 13-year-old that he had met on an internet message board back in 2006. He has also has been charged with meeting another boy, 15, that he had purportedly met through MySpace.

If Elarmo's name sounds somewhat familiar to you, it's because I had already told you about him previously here and here.


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