Sunday, September 28, 2008

Teen Charged In Sexual Assault Case

Suspect's bond set at $250,000:

At the age of 18 Jerry Lee Langa is both on the board of trustees in his small town of Woodlawn Illinois and now also an accused child molester.

That's not exactly the kind of resume one would want in a densely populated town of just 630, but leave it up to the wizard kid to pull it all off.

On Monday September 22nd, police arrested Langa on charges that he sexually assaulted a child who is believed to be under the age of thirteen. Officers have suggested that the alleged incident occurred sometime on September 6th.

Much like the below article, there isn't much on Langa. He of course does maintain a MySpace profile (See above) but also a bebo profile which can be found here.


  1. why is it that people can't seem to stop making new websites containing him.. do you not have a life that you have to post a new website containing what ever information you can dig up! Unless you've personally known him no one cares what your opinion is or what you have to say... haven't you made mistakes in you life ya maybe not as big as this but guess what!!? whatever sin you have committed is the same. I'm taking it you've NEVER read the bible cause as it states no sin is no greater than any other... so maybe next time you'll realize you have no life when you have to make up a new website about some one innocent or guilty!!

  2. Please take this site down. Just out of pure courtesy. I'm sure you don't know him personaly and I'm positive you don't konw the "victim" or his/her family. as important as I'm sure you think it is to post this information it's stupid and heartless. It's not essencial to anyone's safety to have Jerry's myspace and facebook sites up for easy access. People don't need to know anything on his pages to be safe or aware of him. Guilty or not he's dealing with enough shame and embarasment with family and friends as well as in newspapers and on the internet. Please make this one less thing for him to deal with. Thank you in advanced....

    One of his old friends

  3. It is always interesting to me when people defend the accused. I understand how hard it is to see your loved ones name thrown about because of something they are accused of, innocent or not.
    I didn’t see anyone say that they knew him or the VICTIM in that article. I would venture to say that if your friends with this guy, then you truly don’t know the victim either. Rather you just know of the victim.
    This website and others like it… they aren’t taking a personal stance against your friend. They don’t just start it to bash your friend. Look at the pages they are filled with countless others who are accused of doing some very wrong things.
    You put his name into a search engine and looked for information on him. You knew what he was accused of. What did you think you were going to find? If you don’t the like the content of this site (or any other), then guess what you have an option. You see that red “x” at the upper right corner of your screen? Click it.

  4. yeah i was in class with this kid as well and ive known him since the begining of grade school. and hes messed up! called it from day one. had him in P.E. for 3 yrs and he couldnt play because of some illness.
    hurt to many kids and famiis, let him rot and im sick he will be back in town before i die. hope he gets it in prison truly. i do feel sorry for this parntes though they seem like good people. his dad sub-teached my highschool english class and he was a good man and a very encourageing teacher. And the whole god same sin thing comment up above, just take it somewhere else because bad people need locked up or shot. god would understand i hope.

  5. At the end of the day he's a sick man and you wouldn't defend him if he had done that to you child. And they have every right to have these websites up to inform people and warn people about just how sick he is. He chose to hurt that poor kid and that is all he should be remembered for. I knew him went to church with him And school and i didn't know the victim. But I don't need to know the victim to know that jerry is a sick sick person who should of never been let out. Once again you would feel the same if it was your child. He's pathetic and disgusting for preying on a young child. No doubt scarring that child. But no all you see is oh poor jerry. People amaze me. As far as I'm concerned your just as sick as him. He's a child molester and will always be known as that.


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