Saturday, September 13, 2008

Teen Charged With Sex Assault Of Girl, 7

Suspect jailed, then released:

A 17-year-old Texas teenager has been arrested on charges that he sexually assaulted a little 7-year-old girl.

Brandon Terrell Funches, of Little Elm, who friends commonly referee to as "Bubba", has been jailed after police interviewed both the mother and the girl.

According to court documents, the victim purportedly stated that Funches "put his private part in her tee tee." Investigators have also suggested that Funches tried sodomize the little girl as well.

The allegations are rumored to have taken place at a local day care center, where Funches is said to be the nephew of the owner.

According to detectives, the victim told her mother that her "private parts hurt." Surprised, the mother proceeded to examine her and found that her daughter's genital area was both swollen contained small bumps.


  1. I also went to school With Brandon . He was a really nice kid , he had a good heart and he made a really BIG mistake . He has family and friends that love him and won't stop loving him even in the midst of his bad-judgment laps . This is going to ruin his life. People rubbing it in his face does not do anything. He is already going to be punished enough without the rest of the world biting his heels.

    This is really unfortunate for the girl and for Brandon . I'm sicked by it , but at the same time everyone deserves forgiveness.All sins are equal even though some hurt more than others :(

    Still love you Brandon , sorry it had to happen like this. Hope you learn your lesson .We still believe in you.

  2. naw fuck that shit you a sick bastard! you took something that the child will never get back and thats her innocence! and also she will never trust or look at another black person again! and i went to school wit the dude too! and he was coolin all but i still dont care!

  3. There is a special place in hell for sick-ass pedophiles like this kid. I hope in prison he gets to learn about being on the receiving end of sexual assualt.
    I hope he gets his justice served face down!

  4. It is sick, but I don't think it is a black or white thing. I hope he pays for what he did to her. I wonder if he is still going to school. He just doesn't know how if messed up his own life.

  5. i go to school with brandon. i never talked to him before ,but i've seen him around many times. i never knew he was a senior. he doesn't seem like he would do something like that. supposedly he didn't do it. but who knows. only god knows. how could he afford a $65,000 bond? not to be mean ,but he seemed like the nerdy type. he wasn't a popular kid. he's the talk of the town. he's in denton county's jj aep (alternative school).

  6. guess wat i never met and never will meet brandon but from wat i herad fuck brandon i hope he burn in hell if he really did wat he did and most of all brandon deserve wat the fuck he get dat stupid ungreatful bitch i hope he learned a fucking lesson with his stupid ass

  7. Wow i grew up iwith him i have known this boy when he was little and he used to live in carrollton before he moved i would have never thought of him doing such a bad thing knowing that he has a younger sister

  8. wow, I went to school with Brandon when he used to live in Carrollton. He lived very close to me. Although I never saw him again since he moved, he never struck me as the individual capable of something like that. he was always a nice person. If you really did do this, I hope you learn to find Christ and repent while you serve your time.

  9. I am amazed at how many are convicting him before a jury does. I know this kid personally, and he is being dealt an unfair hand. Before anyone passes judgement they should get the facts straight. Brandon did not do this. He has NEVER hurt anyone and would never do something of this sort. There are many missing links that have not yet been discovered, but God will reveal them to us. God knows you are innocent, Brandon. This is all happening for a reason. Sometimes we don't know what that reason is, but in the end you will prevail.

  10. Haha, and you, Mr/Miss/Mrs Anonymous know that he is innocent because, what, you where there when it happened? Just because you "know" a person doesn't mean that you actually know them.

    The case is open until he burns in hell.

  11. Very true dude. But sometimes you have to have faith that the people you care about didn't do anything wrong. :|


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