Friday, October 31, 2008

Abarham Mross Arrested For Viewing Kid Porn At Library

Staff members caught suspect:

Oregon state police arrested a 25-year-old man on charges that he downloaded child pornography online using a computer at the Lake Oswego Public Library.

The suspect, Abarham Jekhan Mross, of Siletz, was arrested after library staff members spotted him viewing child porn on a computer around October 7th of this year. Later, when Mross returned on the 16th police were called in and they arrested him.

Perhaps, the worst of it all for Mr. Mross is that staff members have come down on him pretty darn hard. They say, he can no longer enter the premises as he has officially been permanently banned there!

Anyway, on his MySpace profile Mross writes: "as a Christian I believe and adhere to certain moral principals" and also writes that "if your behavior is so abject immoral and debasing in a hedonisitc manner than I have no choice to pass judgement upon you"

Now if that's isn't true hypocrisy in it's finest form, I surly don't know what is.

Men Caught In Online Sex Sting

A year long undercover investigation into various adults soliciting minors online as led to the arrest of eight North Carolina men.

Police say the operation consisted of an undercover detective posing online as a minor and then waiting for adults to solicit them for sexual purposes.

Unfortunately, I could not conclusively identify all eight of the accused. However, I was able to locate four individuals who do have MySpace profiles.

You can find those by clicking on their names below:

Donald Mundell
Lucas Letendre
Jason Wallace
Adam Bagley

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jason Marksteiner Jailed In Rape And Murder Of Jodi McGrew

Victim was suspects sister-in-law:

Illinois state police have charged a 21-year-old man with the rape and brutal murder of his sister-in-law.

21–year old LeRoy resident, Jason Marksteiner, was arrested after the lifeless body of 19–year old Jodi McGrew was found in the home belonging to Marksteiner's parents.

Early reports suggest that McGrew's murder appeared to be a result of a domestic squabble between the two and that blunt force to the head as well as strangulation may have resulted in her death.

Additional charges could be filed, as the 19-year-old was pregnant at the time when she was killed.

Louise Masulla Arrested In Kiddie Porn Ring

A 32-year-old self proclaimed mother of four has been arrested on charges that she molested two children, ages 3 and 11. Police also say the Illinois woman took pictures of the sexual abuse as well.

Louise Helen Masulla, 32, of New Athens, has been charged with conspiracy to produce child pornography, conspiracy to transport minors with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity, aggravated sexual abuse and transportation of child pornography.

The case against Masulla originally began when Alton police uncovered information regarding a child porn ring. Authorities were told about child molestation and other activity that had allegedly occurred online sometime between July and August earlier this year.

Two other defendants were also named as well, 32-year-old Tabitha D. Robinson, of Chicago, Illinois, and 27-year-old William M. Milligan, of Bloomington, Indiana. The report suggests all three were involved in a sex encounter at a hotel room with two young children.

However, while researching the story I stumbled across an older article here that states another suspect, 28-year-old Stephen G. Recker may have also been involved in the activities.

If anybody has any information as to charges against Mr. Recker being dropped or anything else related to this case, please let me know.

UPDATE: Masulla & Milligan get life.

Firefighter Joshua McGee Arrested On Molestation Charges

Girl was under 12, states reports

A firefighter from the state of Florida has been arrested on charges that molested a young girl who is believed to be under the age of 12.

Joshua William McGee, 34, of Sanford, is accused of touching the girl underneath her clothing and in her vaginal area, states an arrest affidavit.

He has been suspended without pay pending the results of the investigation.

McGee, who often goes by the screenname ffjmac1336 online, states on his above MySpace profile that he is currently single and was once a member of the U.S. Army.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Police Arrest Travis Snodgrass With Sex Assault Of Child

A Mamet, West Virginia man has been arrested by police on charges that he sexually assaulted a 12-year-old child.

Police say Travis Snodgrass, 24, "inappropriately touched" the girl over a couple of hours sometime back on August 20th. As if that wasn't enough, Snodgrass is accused of assaulting her subsequently thereafter.

Detective Paris Workman told the Charleston Daily Mail the alleged attack occured at the girl's home where Snodgrass and his girlfriend had been staying.

On his above MySpace profile (yes, those pictures are clickable) Snodgrass writes that he recently had a son earlier this month. Unfortunately for the Newborn baby, his jailbird father seems to refuse to grow up.

Terrence Majette Arrested On Child Porn Charges

Police recover stolen items as well:

A 25-year-old Virgina man has been arrested on accusations that he possessed and distributed child pornography online.

Terrence D. Majette, of Stadford, allegedly shared the illegal images with others using an online file sharing system, and police were able to trace his IP address to his residence.

Upon serving a search warrant, investigators recovered several stolen MP3 players and GPS devices as well as marijuana.

Majette is currently being held in jail without bond.

New Charges Against Robert Marko

Suspect allegedly sexually assaulted child:

It looks like raping and murdering a 19-year-old woman wasn't quite enough for 21-year-old Robert Hull Marko.

The Iraqi war veteran who earlier admitted to the sexual assault and brutal murder of Judilianna "Judi" Lawrence is now back in trouble with the law apparently.

The Fort Carson soldier has now been charged with sexually assaulting another person as well, and this time it was a child, states newly released court documents.

The victim is believed to be younger than 15-years-old, and Robert Marko allegedly "threatened imminent death, extreme pain or kidnapping against the victim," according to reports.

It is unclear as of now if there is more than one victim by the dinotopia loving freak.

Meanwhile, prosecutors have formally charged Marko with murder, sexual assault and 17 other charges.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Teresa Cantrall Sentenced For Sex With Boy, 13

Woman told officer child was lover:

A 42-year-old Wisconsin woman has been sentenced to eight years in prison after engaging in sexual activity with a 13-year-old boy that she had been communicating with through MySpace.

Teresa Cantrall, of Oshkosh, was arrested in May after the boy was pulled over for speeding while driving. Yes, that's a true statement. Cantrall allegedly told the officer that she was his mother and was teaching him how to drive.

A further investigation revealed that she had been having a sexual relationship with the 13-year-old and according to a criminal complaint, loved him.

If her name sounds familiar to you, it's because I previously told you about Teresa Cantrall here and here.

Police Arrest Andrew Hellman On Molestation Charges

Victims belonged to family, states reports:

Acting on a report Arizona state police arrested a Humboldt man on charges of molesting several children.

Authorities close to the case say 49-year-old Andrew Hellman was arrested on 8 counts of child molestation, 4 counts of sexual conduct with a minor, and 1 count of indecent exposure.

While information is still sketchy at this point, early reports suggest that some of the victims included children in Hellman's own family.

On his above MySpace profile, Hellman states that he is a retired firefighter with 10 children as well as 2 step children.

Men Faces Sex Charges

Suspect's communicated with girls via MySpace, say police:

Three Louisiana men have been arrested on accusations of luring five girls between the ages of 15 and 16 to a "beer pong" party where they are alleged to have engaged in sexual activity with the men.

The suspects have been identified as, 19-year-old Daryl Swanson Jr. and 21-year-old Luther Edward Fleming. A third man, 22-year-old Brandon Collins, surrendered earlier on Friday.

All three of them are believed to have communicated with the girls via cell phone and on their MySpace pages.

A complaint from a parent (a real one) triggered the investigation, say detectives.

Swanson's also maintained a profile on BuddyPic which can be found here.

Daniel Cowart & Paul Schlesselman Wanted Obama Dead

A couple of inbred southern white hicks have been arrested after allegedly plotting to assassinate Barack Obama.

Federal investigators say 20-year-old Daniel Cowart and 18-year-old Paul Schlesselman hatched a rather disturbing plan to not only assassinate the senator but had allegedly planned on murdering a total of 88 people, all black of course too and 14 of those would be beheaded.

Reason? Because 88 and 14 are believed to be symbolic numbers in the cousin swapping, mud wrestling, dog touching, wife beating clan of neo-Nazi welfare loving skinhead's.

Suspect: Paul Schlesselman

The two dumbasses are alleged to have targeted a predominately African-American high school and then end the "grand" caper with the shooting death of Barack Obama.

According to court documents, both individuals would dress in all white tuxedos and wear top hats during the assassination attempt. The above complaint also states both were willing to die during the process.

Anyway, long story short both have been arrested and are currently being held without bond.

Suspect Daniel Cowart

Cowart also maintained another MySpace profile found here as well as a stickcam here.

Daniel Cowart often used ID's such as daniel_c_1488 and SiegHeilDaniel88 online.

This sort of racist, cowardly behavior can often be found online on forums like these.

UPDATE: Both suspects plead guilty

Monday, October 27, 2008

Julian King Found Dead

Sad news today out of Illinois as police have identified the lifeless body of 7-year-old Julian King, the nephew of Oscar winning actress Jennifer Hudson who had been missing since Friday.

As you all know, the case stems from the double homicide murder of Darnell Donerson, 57, and Jason Hudson, 29.

As I reported earlier, police already have a man in custody, 27-year-old William Balfour, of Chicago.

According to the source, Balfour is Jennifer Hudson's brother-in law and public records show that one of Balfour's address list him as an occupant of the home where Darnell Donerson and Jason Hudson were killed.

A spokeswoman said Julian King had been shot.

Porn Star Jack Venice Guilty On Rape Charges

Jury took less than 3 hours to convict Christopher Reid:

A sleazy 26-year-old porn star has been convicted of rape after police had accused him of doing just that to a Washington State University sorority member back in September of 2007.

Pullman police originally had taken in WSU student Kyle Schott, 23, on September 14th, 2007 as a suspect in the attack.

While being questioned, Schott confirmed to them that a second accomplice in the attack was porn star Christopher Jack Reid, 26, who often went by the name "Jack Venice" in his videos.

A spokesman for the department stated at the time that Reid had come to Pullman and subsequently met Schott at a local bar there.

Later as the night progressed, prosecutors say the two got drunk and broke into several sororities in search of women (sluts) to co-star in Reid's (trailer park) porn films.

Apparently they never found one, so instead I guess they decided to lower the bar even further. During their drunken stupor, they apparently hatched the sick plan to rape a sleeping woman.

Unfortunately for both morons, the Kappa Alpha Theta member awoke to find the two in her room assaulting her.

They fled the scene and she immediately contacted police.

Kyle Schott, who had already plead guilty earlier this year, testified against Reid during his trial and the victim identified Reed in the court room as one of the attackers. As a matter of fact, it only took the jury three hours to convict him of rape.

He could face up to life in prison when he is scheduled to be sentenced in December.

Anyway, I've been reporting on this case for awhile over at the forum here. I had actually forgotten about it until just now.

It's interesting because Reid's first "film" was entitled, "Sexual Predators 2", of course I'm sure it's not quite as great as the original classic, but I guess this does makes him one hell of a method actor, huh?

At least he has that going for him anyway...

UPDATE: Reid sentenced to life in prison

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Kyle Zaricor Charged With Sex Assault Of Step Child

Couple to appear in court on Monday:

Police in Illinois have charged a Yorkville man with sexually assaulting his 15-month-old step-child.

Investigators say 23-year-old Kyle W. Zaricor, was taken into custody earlier today after he and his wife, 20-year-old Karen E. Zaricor, had taken their child to a local hospital after they discovered injuries.

Kyle has been charged with two counts of felony predatory sexual assault. Meanwhile, his wife was also taken into custody on an outstanding warrant, police say.

On Kyle's above MySpace profile, he calls himself a "good hearted person" and list his occupation as Army/Military.

Man Charged With Child Pornography

Images young as 3 recovered:

A 24-year-old Wisconsin man has been arrested after police searched his home and found images of child pornography.

Dillon R. Neuzil, of Madison, had purportedly been downloading child pornography online for some time now, and investigators say the images they recovered included adults engaging in sex with pre-pubescent children and some of the children being abused were as young as three.

After being arrested, Nuzil told an officer "I knew this was coming".

He has since been released on a signature bond.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Julian King Still Missing, Murder May Have Resulted From Dispute

A short update on the murder case of Oscar winning actress Jennifer Hudson's mother and brother and missing nephew.

As I already reported, police are questioning Hudson's brother-in-law 27-year-old William Balfour in connection with the disappearance of 7-year-old Julian King as well as the shooting deaths of Darnell Donerson, 57, and Jason Hudson, 29.

Chicago police are also investigation the possibility that the incident stemmed from an argument between Balfour and his recently separated wife Julia, over a dispute involving a car that was recently sold, states TMZ.

Neighbours of the couple, have have reportedly said that Balfour became enraged over the sale of the couple's car and had threatened to "kill Julia's family".

Meanwhile, the FBI has joined the search in helping find Julian King, the missing boy who has still not been found.

William Balfour Questioned In Hudson Murder Case

A Chicago man who is is a suspect in the deaths of the mother and brother of Oscar winning actresses Jennifer Hudson is currently being questioned by police, states an AP article.

According to the source, Hudson's brother-in-law 27-year-old William Balfour is a suspect in the double homicide murder of Hudson's mother, Darnell Donerson, 57, and brother, Jason Hudson, 29, and public records show that one of Balfour's address list him as an occupant of the home where Donerson and Jason Hudson were killed.

Records also show that Balfour was currently on parole after spending nearly seven years in jail for attempted murder and other crimes.

Police are concerned because Jennifer Hudson's 7-year-old nephew, Julian King is still missing. Authorities had issued an Amber Alert on the abducted child who was believed to have been accompanied by Balfour. They got him, but still can't find the boy.

A spokeswoman cautioned that while Balfour was being questioned they were still talking to "a number of people in custody".

On Balfour's above MySpace profile, he calls himself Flex or flexamillion_1, and list his occupation as "baker". By the looks of it however, I'm guessing Mr. Balfour isn't the cookie and bread type of baker.

On his About me, Balfour wrote:


Man Gets Probation In MySpace Sex Case

Suspect won't face any jail time:

A 20-year-old New Jersey man who had been accused of raping a 13-year-old girl and assaulting her friend after he met one of them on MySpace has been sentenced to 10 years probation.

Working with DA's office, Rephael Brandon Swan, of Newark, agreed to plead guilty if the state dropped some of the more severe charges.

I guess it worked out amazingly well for Swan, has he now doesn't have to spend a single day in jail for abusing the 13-year-old.

What an excellent message Judge Anthony Beltrami has sent to the public. It turns out if you are an adult who has sex with a child in the state of New Jersey there won't be any major repercussions for your decision.

In fact, if you are accused of something like this all you really have to do is tell them Judge Beltrami said it was all ok.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Robert Barnes Arrested In Murder Of Meghan Landowski

Police arrest suspect 6 months after crime:

A Portsmouth Virgina teenager has been arrested on charges that he brutally killed 16-year-old girl.

Police say on April 10th, 17-year-old Robert Lee Barnes climbed through the bedroom window of 16-year-old Meghan Landowski, bound her and then proceeded to stab her several times with a knife. He then left the scene, leaving Meghan to die alone in a pool of her own blood.

A detective in the case has said that Barnes and Landowski were acquaintances of some sort, but wouldn't proceed to detail the relationship any further.

According to this article and his above MySpace profile, Barnes was a pretty good violin player. In fact, two years ago he even once performed for Missy Elliot. His YouTube page can be found here.

UPDATE: Police believe Barnes discussed Landowski's death online

UPDATE II: Barnes sentenced in murder of Landowski

Police Think Jaime Ortega Molested Little Boy

Alleged victim was only 7:

A married man with several grandchildren has been arrested by police in the state of Florida on charges that he molested a 7-year-old boy.

Jaime Ortega, 49, of Cape Coral, was arrested after investigators determined that he molested the child earlier in the year.

According to his above MySpace profile, Ortega calls himself a "career verteran" and states that he has "been blessed with a wonderful family" he also was looking forward to the "good times to come".

Sucks to be him I guess.

Anyway, Ortega has been lodged in the Lee County Jail on $200,000 bond.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Police: Damarest Dunn Raped Woman Then Threw Her Out

Witnesses say she tumbled onto road:

A 33-year-old La Mesa, California man has been arrested on charges that he raped, kidnapped and then threw a 30-year-old woman from his speeding car on the freeway.

In fact motorist driving behind the suspect actually saw the woman being thrown from the vehicle which was purportedly going at least 50 mph.

Witnesses say she tumbled onto the interstate around 2:30 in the morning and concerned quickly dialed 911.

After police and responders arrived on the scene, they took the woman to a hospital where she was miraculously treated for only minor injuries.

The victim told officers that she had met the suspect, Damarest Dunn, Tuesday night and as time progressed he drove her to his home.

There, he allegedly held her against her will as he violently raped her at gun point.

Police were able to track down Dunn at his job where he was subsequently arrested.

An inmate detail page of his courtesy of the San Diego County Sheiff's Department can be found here.

Man Charged In Child Porn Case

Suspect also solicited minor online, say police:

A 22-year-old Canadian has been arrested following an investigation into child pornography and solicitation of a young girl.

The four day investigation into David Snooks, of Stratford, began when the Cybercrime Unit learned that illegal images were being sent by the suspect to a minor.

Snooks has been charged with 2 counts of Internet Luring, and one count of possession and one count of distributing child pornography.

Besides the above MySpace profile, Snooks also maintained another profile at WAYN here.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

MySpace Contact Leads To Sexual Abuse Charges

Suspect charged with assault of two girls, both 13:

In the state of Iowa police have arrested an Ames man on charges that he sexually assaulted two 13-year-old girls that he had met on MySpace.

Police say they recovered some of the girl's clothing as well as explicit photos of them as the apartment of 22-year-old Matthew Courter.

Carter turned himself in on Monday but was subsequently released without bail.

He has blocked users from viewing certain aspects of his MySpace profile, so his friends are listed here and his comments can be found here.

Police: Firefighter Mark Farwell Wanted Sex With Mom & Daughter

Suspect traveled from NC to FL:

A 38-year-old firefighter from North Carolina has been arrested after allegedly arranging a sexual encounter with a woman and her 7-year-old daughter.

Police say Mark Floyd Farwell, of Larchmont Circle, contacted someone whom he believed to a woman in an online chat room and purportedly planned to meet her so that he could engage in sex with the both of them.

Luckily, there was no mom and daughter but instead an undercover officer posing as the mother.

Investigators had been working the case via the internet and telephone for 10 long months before Farwell finally took the bait and traveled to Florida to meet the woman. He was arrested at the arranged location.

Farwell had been employed as a firefighter at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in Goldsboro, North Carolina.

Besides the above MySpace profile, Farwell maintained another one found here.

Teacher Mandi Weeks Pleads Guilty To Rape

Victim had IQ of 50, say police:

A 27-year-old Teacher who had been employed as a special education instructor at Devereux Foundation in Red Hook New York has plead guilty to raping a 15-year-old mentally disabled student.

Police had said all along that Mandi Weeks admitted to them back in July that she had in fact engaged in sexual activity with the boy.

If the story sounds somewhat familiar it's because I previously told you about Weeks here and here.

The good teacher faces up to six months in prison when she is sentenced in January.

Creepy Business Owner Arrested For Sex Assault

Man ran RPG store:

A really weird 28-year-old Wisconsin business owner has been arrested on charges that he had sex with a frequent customer, who just happened to be only 15.

Police say Jason R. Burridge, of Appleton, has been charged with sexual assault of a child as well as using a computer to facilitate a child sex crime.

Burridge owns Xenobia, a role-playing game store he opened up earlier in February of this year. The two are said to have started the "relationship" back in July.

Interestingly, on his above MySpace profile, Burridge claims to be engaged. He also maintains a MySpace profile for his store, which you can find by clicking here.

Carnahan Pleads No Contest To Sex Assault Of Child

Brother found tape of suspect having sex with 4-year-old:

A Wisconsin man who had originally plead not guilty on charges that he videotaped himself engaging in sex with a 4 year-old girl has now apparently changed his plea to no contest according to a Green Bay Press-Gazette article.

The suspect, Shawn Carnahan, of De Pere, was arrested after his brother discovered the videotape while looking for something to watch on TV.

The incident purportedly occurred sometime between May and August of 2004.

He could face up to 85 years in prison when he is scheduled to be sentenced on December 16th.

UPDATE: Carnahan sentenced to 35 years in prison.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Perverted Justice Sting Nabs 21 Men

Suspects thought they were chatting with kids 13 or 14:

A major Internet sting in Michigan involving the Attorney General's Office, Kent County Sheriff's Department and Perverted Justice has resulted in the arrest of 21 men.

The sting, which originally began several weeks ago involved volunteers working with Perverted Justice who posed online as young boys and girls in various online chat rooms.

All the suspects purportedly believed the kids they were chatting with were either 13 or 14, and all 21 of the men had arranged to meet them for sex. Which of course means all were arrested.

Unfortunately, I could not conclusively identify all twenty one, but some of the individuals that I did find who have MySpace profiles can be found by clicking their names below:

Eric Carl Wesche
Nathan Allen Swanson
Tyson Jenkins
Andrew Schutze
Jason Lee Ullery
Jason Jay Ebels
Jason Paul Lawson
Brad Jahnke
Michael Forrest Shaler
Bradley Lynn Wells
Todd Joseph Ray
Jarrad Lawrence Box

Another suspect, 27-year-old Jason Robert Bigelow has a rather lengthy profile on the dating website and you can find that by clicking here.

All mugshots are listed on the forum.

Technology Hates Ashley Sawyer

More trashy MySpace fun courtesy from a Massachusetts Woman:

27-year-old Ashley Sawyer, of Gloucester has just about had the worst year anyone could possibly have.

First she was fired from her Dunkin' Donuts job when her boss caught her stealing $115.00 from the till. After her boss confronted her about it, Sawyer sent a text message back pleading him not to call the police. He did.

Then in June she was was charged with threatening to kill a friend of hers after she used her cell phone to leave a disturbing message on the woman's voicemail saying, "I'll kill you". Apparently in that same message Sawyer had accused her friend of tampering with her MySpace page.

Now I don't know if the reason she wanted to kill her friend was because of the MySpace incident or some other reason but it should probably be clear for Sawyer by now that her cell phone most definitely hates her.

It's a wild theory, but let's go with it.

I mean really, it didn't come through for her when she tried to get out of those embezzlement charges, did it? No it sure didn't, and it also got her into a little bit of trouble with that whole "I'll kill you" voicemail thing.

So I don't understand why she just doesn't throw the stupid thing away.

Sawyer if your reading this, please do yourself a favor and throw it in the water or something. Drown it, beat it or bury it. Hell, set it on fire!

Oh, actually don't do that...

Better yet, why not just run over the damn thing or drive to Boston and drop it from the John Hancock Tower. There's really no need for it anyway. Once you get rid of it, things will surly get better in your life...I promise.

Just take comfort in the fact that the recent problems in your life don't at all stem from a nasty ill-mannered lazy vindictive lifestyle that you've been living.

Uncle Drove Niece To Myspace Fight, Say Police

G_Funk746 is world's dumbest uncle for a day:

Who is that? Well that's Iowa's greatest living man, of course. Folks in Sioux City though probably know him better as 27-year-old Garret Lee least I'm sure the trailer park crowd does anyway.

Regardless, Warner was arrested late last night on charges of refusing to obey a police officer and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Already a class act right there, huh? Worse yet...

Police say Warner drove his young niece to a park, so that she could engage in a fight with another girl over some nasty comments allegedly made by one of them on MySpace.

The two young girls I guess had decided to shake things up at the park to settle this obviously massive problem that I'm sure only young teen girls can relate to.

MySpace Predator Sentenced To 20 Years

Suspect had been posing as 19:

A 33-year-old Tolland, Connecticut man who had been charged with sexually assaulting several young girls that he had met on MySpace has been sentenced to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty.

Scott Shefelbine, who had been posing as a 19-year-old on MySpace, was arrested after one of the victims came forward.

If Shefelbine's name sounds familiar to you, it's because I told you about him here in 2006 and magically again here in 2008.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Suspect Charged With Rape

Cop says, "It wasn’t like he grabbed her in the alley":

A former college football player for Mississippi Valley State University has been arrested on accusations that he raped a fellow student.

Police say Antrov Stewart, 30, had been arrested (but later released) after the mother of the victim purportedly convicted her daughter to press charges that he raped her.

If it's one thing I'm always skeptical on posting here it's college football players.

Reason? They always seem to be found not guilty by a jury of their peers, if they even get that far.

I guess with that said, don't be surprised if this one gets pulled rather quickly, and no I'm not defending him.

Police: Everett Sheppard Arrested In Murder, Sex Assault Of Infant

Girl dies in hospital:

In the state of New Jersey police have charged a 22-year-old man with the sexual assault of a 9-month-old girl. Sadly, the child later died after being rushed to a hospital in cardiac arrest.

The suspect has been identified as Everett Sheppard, of Newark, a live-in boyfriend of the child's mother.

Sheppard has been charged with sexual assault, aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of a child. He has not officially been charged with murder, but depending on the results of an autopsy that could soon change for him.

Police have not charged the girl's mother, 19-year-old Sheila Troutman with any crime as of yet.

UPDATE: Sheppard now charged with murder

Saturday, October 18, 2008

7:02 AM

In the process of giving the blog a much needed makeover...

Kevin Grosenheider Arrested In Brooke Bennett Case

Suspect threw evidence away in dumpster:

A 58-year-old Texas man has become the third suspect arrested in connection with the Brooke Bennett case.

According to investigators, Kevin Dale Grosenheider, of San Antonio was arrested yesterday on charges that he destroyed evidence in the case.

Police say he threw Ray Gagnon's laptop into a dumpster. Gagnon allegedly had called Grosenheider and asked him to do it.

Agents in the case say Gagnon used that laptop to change Brooke Bennett's MySpace page in order to dupe investigators.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Couple Arrested On Child Rape Charges

Victim told police there was video:

A couple have been arrested in the state of Arkansas on charges of rape and sexual indecency involving a 14-year-old girl.

According to investigators 24-year-old Anna Davis and 22-year-old Tony Hembey, both of Amity, were arrested on Friday October 10th.

Police say they received information that both suspects had been transporting a 14-year-old female from her home to their residence to allegedly engage in sexual activity and that a video of the crime was believed to have existed.

Later, officers served a search warrant at their home and collected evidence.

Police Arrest Man In Bike Path Rape

Police call suspect "damaged goods":

New York State police have arrested a 24-year-old Troy man on charges that he raped a 36-year-old woman in the city's bike path.

Stephen M. Pluff, was arrested yesterday and charged with rape, assault, committing a criminal sexual act, unlawful imprisonment and criminal mischief.

A spokesman for the Troy Police Department called Pluff one of the most violent and dangerous people that the they have ever come across and added that he is "damaged goods".

I can understand how police came to that conclusion as well. On his above MySpace profile, Pluff has brutal photos of people as well as a profile dedicated to Charles Manson as one of his friends.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Man Arrested For Sex Assault Of Three Girls

A Former New Hampshire man has been arrested on charges that he sexually assaulted several children in the Allenstown area sometime in 2005.

Police say they arrested 43-year-old Clyde Dauphinee in Worcester Massachusetts after a lengthy investigation into allegations that he assaulted three young girls all under the age of 13.

Now I know that it's not an exact science to accuse a self proclaimed gay man (see below) of assaulting three girl's, but it is sort of suspicious that police had to kick in his door because he refused to open it.

Reason? He had locked himself naked in his closet.

Anyway, now it appears that local media outlets in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts are labeling him as a sex offender.

However, I could not identify the last name Dauphinee as a registered sex offender in either state.

Regardless, I do believe he might have been some sort of psycho-sexual as evident with his MySpace profile and combining that with the older one located here.

Clyde Dauphinee does in fact seem confused and completely lost in his own head, doesn't he?

Either way, he does look like that weird little guy in one of those ridiculous Hillshire Farm "Go Meat" TV commercials...

Man Charged In Sexual Assault Of Girl

Suspect bonds out at $500:

A 37-year-old Fargo North Dakota man has arrested on charges that he engaged in sexual contact with a 13-15 year old girl.

Police say the investigation on Tate Allister Pederson, a truck driver, originally began sometime this summer.

Pederson quickly bonded out of jail after the judge in the case set bail at $500 cash during his court appearance.

Police: Sex Offender Ran Adult Business On MySpace

Labeled a fugitive since 2006:

A convicted sex offender from the Dallas Texas area has been arrested after police learned that he ran a sexually oriented business on MySpace.

Originally dubbed a fugitive by the state in 2006, 34-year-old Clarence Augustine had apparently all along been operating an exotic modeling and adult business called "Erotiq Entertainment" on MySpace.

Erotiq Entertainment

Because of this, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has suggested that all sex offenders should be required to submit their e-mail addresses, online screen names and social networking accounts.

Not a bad idea at all, but I don't know if it will amount to much. However, anything is better than what's been going on over there these last few years.

Man Arrested In Undercover Sex Sting

Suspect thought he was meeting 13-year-old:

A 24-year-old North Carolina man has been arrested after police say he arranged a meeting for sex with a 13-year-old girl that he had met online.

According to investigators, Jason England, of Hope Mills, made a date with the child and even persuaded her to meet him at a shopping mall. There the two had purportedly planned to engage in sex.

Luckily, there was no girl but instead an undercover officer posing as one.

I'm sure England sees it all differently though. Yes, he had made a date at a shopping mall, that was true and I'm sure he's not denying that right now.

However, the police have it all wrong. You see, getting past that little part that involved a small child, Mr. England had still planned the perfect evening.

After meeting her, a romantic night would soon quickly prosper. The two would engage in a rather spendy shopping spree including the likes of Armani, Gucci and Prada as well as expensive jewelry at all the various fine outlets in the great city of Hope Mills.

Then under the starry night as the crickets chirped and danced atop the willowy ponds, England and his very young date would partake in an evening of exquisite fine dining topped off with an expensive red wine imported personally from Italy by the chef himself.

As thoughts and feelings were shared, hours passed and laughter ensued...suddenly, a tiny spark appeared in the left eye of Mr. England as a tear gently rolled down his cheek.

In the background Gershwin's classic "Rhapsody in Blue" tingled both their ears as the night faded to black. Soon the burning candles awaited in a fiery night of passion as England had finally found his one true love in life...a small 13-year-old girl.

Of course, sadly for Jason none of that transpired for him. Instead however he was duped by those ever pesky police. Otherwise, he would have never been caught and his wife probably would have never known about the whole thing.

Damn them all!

Band Teacher Resigns After Feds Take Away Computer

Hmmm, I wonder what he was into:

A band teacher in the state of Tennessee has resigned from his position after the Marion County Sheriff’s Department, the Tennessee Highway Patrol Criminal Investigations Division, FBI and the ICE served a search warrant at his home.

The man was identified as 37-year-old Gene Walsh, of Pittsburg, and investigated have said that was Walsh was being investigation for crimes related to the internet.

Now if all those departments raid a house or whatever you know they think Walsh was into some pretty nasty stuff online, and I'm sure they've got plenty of evidence already on him.

Anyway, Walsh is believed to have taught band at South Pittsburg High School for around four years until he suddenly resigned on Friday.

As of now, Mr. Walsh has not been charged with anything as the investigation is ongoing.

On the school's website, Walsh is listed as the head honcho in three different departments, Band Director, General Music, and Theater Arts.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Group Home Manager Arrested For Child Sex Crimes

Robert Stickland raped two boys, say police:

In the state of Washington police have arrested a Centralia man who also happened to run a group home for recovering drug addicts on charges that he raped two 15-year-old boys.

The month long investigation against 34-year-old Robert Darrell Strickland initially unraveled when a concerned parent contacted police about the possible abuse by the hands of Strickland.

Concerned, police searched his home and wouldn't you know they found a 17-year-old male hiding in his closet.

The case against Strickland, who manages the Lighthouse Community Home for recovering alcoholics and drug addicts, is believed to focus on the purported rapes of the two 15-year-old boys.

Of course the tip off should have been Robert Stickland's above MySpace profile, perhaps this would have spared the purported abuse of the two.

It's no wonder why recently some employers are searching their "future" employees on MySpace and other sites like it. Too bad the U.S military isn't (see below).

Police: Robert Marko Murdered Girl From MySpace

Suspect was Iraqi war veteran:

An 21-year-old Iraqi war veteran has been arrested on charges that he sexually assaulted and brutally murdered a 19-year-old woman that he had supposedly met on MySpace.

Police say Robert Hull Marko, of Decatur Michigan admitted to police that he had in fact met 19-year-old Judilianna "Judi" Lawrence, of Stratmoor Valley Colorado on MySpace and then killed her after meeting her.

According to an affidavit, Marko took Lawrence to Old Stage Road in the Cheyenne Mountain area to rape her, because as he told a detective, "What else do you do on the mountain?"

After the Fort Carlson soldier raped Lawrence, the two allegeldy got into an argument and at some point Marko then blindfolded the victim, gagged her and then cut her throat.

Later, it is believed at some point that Lawrence, who fought like hell, was able to free herself and began walking down the hill. Marko then demanded that she go back up the hill, and that's where the affidavit purportedly stops.

Marko originally had told authorities when first questioned that he and Lawrence had gotten into an argument, so he just left her up there in the mountains.

At the time of his arrest, Marko had been assigned to the Fourth Brigade, Fourth Infantry Division at Fort Carson

Robert Marko maintained a personal message board or forum here, as well as maintaining an active VampireFreaks account which can be found by clicking this link. He calls himself Rex290 there as well.

Other places Marko frequented: Plentyoffish, ChristianForums and Flickster as well other sites that aren't as notable. Basically, the 21-year-old displayed himself online as a really, really creepy guy.

He also had been posting various messages like the following one on websites like this, in which he had been seeking "a female slave".

"I'm looking for female slave in Colorado Springs,CO region, my current e-mail is down right now kk, i'm looking for possible offline relationship. I only want females in Colorado Springs region kk, u can pm me here or e-mail me at kk. What i'm looking for is female with no limits and loves pain kk, if u think u are her, hit me up kk"

A few individuals did respond on some messages that he had inquired.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Lawrence family.

As always, Steve Huff of the True Crime Report has a lot more information on this case.

Sadly, Judi Lawrence shares the spotlight this week with Carly Ryan who was also murdered by someone whom she had supposedly met on MySpace some 600 days prior.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Deputy Judge Executive Arrested In Online Sting

Suspect could face up to five years in prison:

A deputy judge-executive from Kentucky has been jailed by police after he allegedly made a date for sex with a 15-year-old girl that he had met online.

Investigators say 28-year-old Walter Edward Hardin, of Salyersville was arrested on Friday when he traveled nearly 100 miles to Lexington to engage in sex with the girl.

Luckily, there was no girl but instead an undercover officer posing as one.

Hardin faces charges of unlawful use of electronic means to induce a minor to engage in sexual activities. He was (of course) quickly bonded out of jail.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Woman Charged With Rape

Incidents purportedly began occurring in 1995:

A 33-year-old Pennsylvania woman appeared in court on Thursday on charges that she sexually assaulted a boy for an 11-year-period.

According to court records, Tracy Vasholz, of Wanamie, waived (or gave up) her right to a preliminary hearing.

The alleged assaults are believed to have occurred at various locations near her residence between January 1995 to August 2006.

Unfortunately, Tracy Vasholz has set her MySpace profile recently to private, so the above cache is courtesy of Google.

However, she also maintains an AIM profile which you can find by clicking here.

UPDATE: Vasholz sentenced to 4-8 years. Thanks to To Catch A Female Predator for the update.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Matthew Gasbara Raped Man, Say Police

Suspect previously served time for murder:

A Saratoga Springs New York man has been arrested on charges that he raped a man that he had met at a local bar.

Police say 32-year-old Matthew J. Gasbara, brought the male victim to his apartment where he allegedly raped him sometime between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m. on Thursday.

Interestingly, Gasbara is no stranger to prison as this article points out. In fact, he once spent 14 years there when he stabbed his lover 351 times sometime back in 1992. Naturally, the lover died and Gasbara was charged with his murder.

On his above MySpace profile, Gasbara claims to be poet as well as a songwriter.

However, in the below video Gasbara continuously vomits on himself for a good minute and a half.

Matthew Gasbara, back where he surely belongs and probably in good company as well.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Little League Coach Charged With Rape Of Babysitter

Suspect allegedly assaulted 14-year-old:

A 29-year-old Little League coach has been arrested in the state of Massachusetts on charges that he raped his 14-year-old babysitter.

Police say 6-foot-2 David Coderre, of New Bedford, assaulted the girl at his home in which he shares with his wife and four kids.

Corderre, who is employed by Wal-Mart, is said to have coached children's softball in his home town for kids as young as eight.

He is believed to have raped the girl twice at his residence in the last month.

The former Little League coach has been charged with indecent assault as well as two counts of statutory rape and has since pleaded not guilty.

Hospital Worker Charged With Assaulting Patient

Fellow employee walked in on accusations:

Police in the state of New York have arrested a Liverpool hospital worker on charges that he sexually assaulted a 45-year-old mentally disabled patient.

Investigators say 23-year-old Jamison Adist assaulted the woman while he was sitting with her and a fellow employee purportedly witnessed the whole incident.

According to court documents, the woman was so mentally disabled that she could not have legally consented to the alleged sexual activity.

Adist has been charged with second-degree criminal sexual act and not to surprisingly police have confirmed that he did make some sort of admission to the charges.

No Prison Time For Man Found With Child Porn

Michael Bodzsar gets off again:

Hey, remember when I told you about Michael Bodzsar?

No? His name doesn't sound familiar, huh?

Well that's ok, I had actually forgotten about him too. But then I remembered his mugshot photo and his below MySpace profile.

Well to refresh your memory he was the 20-year-old Tyrone Township Michigan man who was arrested after investigators recovered images of child pornography on his computer.

Unfortunately for the children being sexually abused Bodzsar got off. Twice, to be exact. Once at home and once in the court room.

Read: NO PRISON TIME...well maybe a little (9 days previously served)

Anyway, in court yesterday he was given a rather light sentence, 3 years of probation. In fact, if Bodzsar completes probation without a problem his entire record will be wiped clean.

That means in about 3 or 4 years some unexpected couple may hire him as a babysitter or a daycare could even hire him as a cook or something similar...and they'll never even know.

Michael Jacques Pleads Not Guilty In Murder Of Brooke Bennett

Sex offender uncle skips arraignment:

The man at the center of the kidnapping and murder of 12-year-old Brooke Bennett has plead not guilty on Wednesday to those charges.

Of course I'm talking about Bennett's sex offender uncle, 42-year-old Michael Jacques.

Prosecutors have alleged that Jacques drugged, raped and then smothered his niece with a plastic bag.

Defense lawyers entered not guilty pleas on Jacques behalf as he chose to skip the arraignment.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Musician Arrested On Child Sexual Assault Charges

Man engaged in sexual contact with young girl , say police:

A 30-Year-Old jazz musician from Austin Texas has been arrested on charges of engaging in sexual contact with a girl under the age of 13.

Police say David Chenu engaged in criminal activity with the minor sometime between November and December of 2007.

Besides his above MySpace profile, he also maintained a personal website and while unfortunately it's down at the moment an archive of it can be found here.

David Chenu is currently in jail awaiting 200,000 bond.

Police: Christopher Janney Tried To Blow Up His Family

May have also tried to poison them as well:

Police in the state of Pennsylvania have arrested a South Fayette teenager on charges that he tried blow up and kill his family while they were asleep.

The suspect was identified as 16-year-old Christopher Janney and police say he made six "chlorine compression bombs" and placed them near the heads of five of his family members while they were sleeping.

According to the criminal complaint, Janney also may have tried poison his family (even though that's not specifically clear as of now) with rat poison that he had purportedly grounded up using a peppermill.

He was arrested on Sunday and officers recovered a gas mask, among various other things. They also believe he had planned on leaving town via bus with an accomplice after blowing up his family.

Police also say that Janney had gotten into a dispute with his grandfather and may have conspired with two other individuals using MySpace.

Interestingly, on Chris Janney's above profile he wrote that he sometimes got along with his parents. I guess in his head you can still get along with some people even if you plan on sending them to their grave in a thousand different pieces.

As of this writing Janney still remains in jail.

UPDATE: A second suspect identified as 18-year-old Thomas Moore has been arrested as well as a third, 15-year-old Eric Evans.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Man Sentenced For Sex Assault Of Nuring Home Patient

Victim had mental capacity of 2-year-old:

A man who earlier plead guilty to sexually assaulting a 57-year-old nursing home patient has been sentenced to one to five years in prison.

Police had arrested 22-year-old Roy Reed Sheldon, of Moundsville West Virginia in September of 2007 after a 57-year-old woman told a service worker that Sheldon had sex with her at the Dora Allietta Memorial Home.

When questioned by investigators, Sheldon claimed the sex was consensual between the two.

But unfortunately for Sheldon police responded back that the woman could not have legally consented because the victim had a mental capacity of a 2-year-old.

Sheldon had been residing at the assisted-living facility with his wife, who had worked there. It has since been shut down.

Previously, I told you about the case of Roy Sheldon here and here.

Justin Lehrke Just Can't Stop Getting In Trouble

Allegedly kidnapped woman:

21-year-old Justin Lehrke is a little trouble maker, actually he's a psych case if what is being written about him is true. If his name sounds somewhat familiar to you its because last month I posted a story about him here.

To refresh your memory he was the Janesville Minnesota man who had been arrested on rape and kidnapping charges after a woman reported to police that she had been sexually assaulted by Lehrke.

Thankfully, they arrested him the very next day where he was found armed with two shotguns and threatening to kill himself.

Now, amazingly this same man has been arrested in the state of Kentucky after allegedly abducting that same woman yet again!

Lehrke has been charged with kidnapping and detectives think he was attempting to take the victim to Florida.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Man Charged After MySpace Meeting

Girl is believed to be only 13:

Police in the state of North Carolina have arrested a 25-year-old Greenwood man on charges that he imitated sexual contact with a 13-year-old girl through Mypace.

Sheriff's deputies arrested Kendrick Smith and charged him with criminal sexual conduct with a minor.

The girl is reportedly a runaway and when questioned by police on exactly what had happened she told them that she had made contact with Smith via MySpace and a meeting was subsequently arranged for the two to meet.

The girl told police that Smith picked her up and took her back to his home where she purportedly performed oral sex on him.

Police: Man Admits To Having Sex With Girl

Suspect is 32 or maybe 35, states paper:

A 32-year-old Gastonia North Carolina man has been arrested after allegedly telling police he engaged in sexual activity with a 15-year-old girl.

Gerald Simmons purportedly told detectives that the illegal acts occurred sometime earlier in August at home.

Simmons has been charged with two counts of statutory rape of a minor, statutory sexual offense again a minor and three counts of indecent liberties with a child.

On his above MySpace profile, Simmons calls himself "G-money" and states that he is currently in a relationship.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mangler Attacks Davenport Teen Party!

Man sent to hospital after being stabbed, conflicting news reports, mass chaos, crying teenagers, parents shocked. A city torn apart!:

Ok, maybe I'm being a little over dramatic here. But it's Sunday night and thankfully there's nothing much else to write on.

Anyway, police in the state of Iowa have arrested an 18-year-old Davenport woman after allegedly stabbing a friend in the back...literally!

The incident took place earlier this morning in the wee hours at a party. According to eye witnesses, at some point Ashley Mangler started arguing with her boyfriend and things got out of hand.

After all the commotion, a teenager who lived at the residence then asked her to leave.

Apparently Mangler didn't like that very much and got all pissed off and whipped out a knife.

Mangler, who holds true to her name, went outside and slashed a friends tires (some friend, huh?) and when the friend tried to stop her she purportedly stabbed him in the back with the knife.

Now that information comes from WQAD, but the Quad-City Times paints a completely different picture of what happened at the party.

According to the Times, Mangler, who still holds true to her name, stabbed a man who was kicking her boyfriend's ass.

Anyway, it really doesn't matter all that much...the only thing I can say for sure is that Mangler has been charged with attempted murder and it also appears most of her friends might be suffering from the "white trash" syndrome as well.

Congratulations to all the parents of Davenport, you've raised your children well!

In all reality, this story is just to mundane to post on the forum, so Mangler won't be given the high honor of being featured at both places.

I've also decided to put up a video for Mangler in hopes of cheering her up. You keep your chin up girl, and remember just because you went all psycho on somebody and your boyfriend got his ass royally kicked...I won't judge you for that:

Angry Reader Comments

Well, today is Sunday October 5th, 2008:

Q: You know what that means, right?

A: There won't be a legitimate entry for today.

So Instead however, I've decided to post an MP3 audio file of angry reader Jeffrey Perrette, courtesy of

If his name sounds familiar to some of you, it's because he was the dumbass that ran over a guy (allegedly) with a car (twice), then bragged about it on MySpace.

Worse yet, the moron defended his "reason" online with little ol' me.

The original post (in it's entirety) can be found here.

The audio file, which would obviously make any lawyer cringe with envy and should also offend probably about 90% of the country can be found in the following link:

"Angry Jeff"

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Police: Soldier Admits Involvement In Murder Of Wife

Two suspects arrested in death of soldier:

In Fort Bragg North Carolina two soldier's have been charged with murdering one of their own. Even more shocking is one of the suspects in the case had been married to the victim.

Police say that Sgt. Richard David Smith, 26, admitted to them that he conspired with Pfc. Matthew Wayne Kvapil to stab his wife to death near their home sometime on Tuesday, September 30th.

Richard Smith allegedly stated to them that he had lured Sgt. Christina E. Smith, his wife, to take a walk with him down a street on Tuesday knowing full well that Matthew Kvapil was hiding with a knife and ready to attack her.

At some point during the walk Christina was stabbed in the neck by Kvapil. Sadly, she was found in a pool of her own blood and was taken to a hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Matthew Wayne Kvapil

When officers originally questioned Richard what had happened he told them that he and his wife were ambushed. The attacker then stabbed his wife in the neck and suddenly ran off.

Investigators noticed that amazingly Richard had not been injured during the attack and they didn't buy his story. Later Richard Smith and Matthew Kvapil were arrested for her murder.

Police say all three had worked together on the 4th Psychological Operations Group in Fort Bragg.

Unfortunately, I could not locate a MySpace profile for Richard Smith but Steve Huff of the True Crime Report has a lot more information on this case.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Police: Dale Adler Raped 94-Year-Old Woman

But he says sex was consensual:

In the state of Michigan police have arrested a Flint man on charges that he sexually assaulted a 94-year-old woman.

The suspect was identified as 43-year-old Dale Adler, and Prosecutor David Leyton has said the elderly woman suffers from dementia and was assaulted at least three different times.

When questioned by police, Adler maintained that the sex was consensual, but pictures show a different story. On some of the images the 94-year-old could be seen with a softball sized black eye and also may have suffered from head injuries, doctors say.

Sadly, Adler had been her caretaker for nearly eight years, and over time had somehow obtained power of attorney over her.

On his above MySpace profile, Dale Adler list his occupation as caregiver and has several pictures of whom I believe is the 94-year-old victim.

In fact, the 94-year-old even has a MySpace of her own.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Man Arrested After Meeting Girl On MySpace

Suspect reportedly told girl to change her age on profile:

Florida State Police have arrested Lakeland man on charges that he had sex with a 15-year-old girl whom he had been corresponding with on MySpace.

Joseph Christopher Kern, 23, reportedly had several conversations of a sexual nature with the girl on Mypace. Police also say that Kern told the girl to change her age to 18 so he could avoid any trouble with the law.

The "victim" reportedly told Kern that she wanted to wait before engaging in any sort of sexual activity with him and he responded he would try to wait.

Apparently he didn't wait too long however, because a friend of his, Kyle Stinson, allegedly drove Kern to meet the girl and one of her friends.

Thereafter, they detoured back to Stinson's house where Kern and the girl purportedly engaged in sexual activity.

The mother of the girl called her on a cell phone and demanded that she come back home, so at 1:00 a.m on a school night she did just that.

Kern has been charged with using a computer to solicit a child for a sexual act, traveling to meet a minor for sexual activity, interfering with child custody and lewd molestation.

Meanwhile, Stinson was also charged with interfering with child custody.

Gotta love Kern's Myspace profile though. On it, he calls himself "convict" and even brags about being in prison.

He writes the following on one of his pictures:

"while u was doin fine i was doin time"

Under Books:


Favorite Show:

Prison Break

With all the prison talk I think maybe Joseph Kern was trying to tell us something, but sadly nobody was listening.

Although I must admit, regardless of the above Kern was a gifted writer.

In a rather poetic entry entitled "tru or fake", Kern suggest that upon meeting strangers our minds will sometimes switch gears into subconscious territories. Thus, we tend to recollect troubling information from our past before it is perceived through our very own eyes and sadly onto each other.

Kern is simply stating we are unable rid ourselves of our past and continue to swim in the complacency of fear.

To listen to "tru or fake", in all it's beauty click here.

It's really all too bad, because if the 23-year-old wasn't so hell bent on going back to prison he could have applied his talents say the drive through window or something.

New Information Released On Death Of Brooke Bennett

Sex offender uncle indicted by federal grand jury:

New startling details were released late yesterday on the brutal murder of 12-year-old Brooke Bennett.

Her uncle, 42-year-old Michael Jacques, has officially been indicted by a federal grand jury on the charges and newly released documents reveal that Jacques drugged, sexually assaulted and then smothered Brooke Bennett to death with a plastic bag.

The new findings allow Federal Prosecutors to seek the death penalty in the case, but that decision won't happen for months they say.

For those unfamiliar with Brooke Bennett and her brutal murder, I've been covering it here and here.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Couple Charged With Child Sex Crimes

Suspect's jailed, held without bond:

A Muskogee Oklahoma couple have been arrested on multiple sex crime charges, including molestation and sodomy.

The loving couple were identified as 30-year-old Jeremy Parker, and Kerri Renea Webb, 31.

According to investigators, both of Kerri Webb's children were purportedly made to perform oral sex and other acts.

They were also allegedly forced to watch their mother and boyfriend engage in sexual activity as well as view porn on their computer.

Parker has been charged with 10 counts, while Webb is only being charged with 7.

Sex Sting Nabs Missouri Suspect

Men thought they were chatting with minors:

What do David Edsall and Shawn Howard both have in common?

Well I'll tell you. Both of them are white Male's in their 20's, both live in the state of Missouri and both have MySpace profiles.

Police also allege they have one more thing in common:

Both of them solicited sex online from individuals whom they believed to be minors.

In the case of David Edsall, 26, he allegedly solicited sex from someone he thought was under the age of 14 and has been charged with three counts of Sexual Misconduct Involving a Child.

As for 24-year-old Shawn Howard, he pretty much did the same thing and was charged with two counts of Sexual Misconduct Involving a Child under the age of 14 as well.

But the coincidences continued for the two, as both of them were thrown into the same jail and both had the same bonds set at $25,000.

Wow, weird!

I don't know about you guys, but I see a good case here for a lengthy friendship involving Edsall and Howard in the not so distant future.

Church Music Director Arrested For Meeting Boy

Police say Charles Garitson solicited boy for sex:

In the state of Ohio police have arrested a Hamilton church music director after allegedly arranging a meeting to have sex with someone whom he believed to be a 15-year-old boy.

The suspect, 23-year-old Charles Andy Garitson, reportedly arranged to meet the boy for sex at an undisclosed location. However, much to his surprise he wasn't actually engaging in a conversation with a minor, but instead a police officer posing as one online.

At the time of his arrest, Charles Garitson served as the music director at the Park Avenue United Methodist Church in Hamliton. He also had previously served as an orchestra director for local theatre companies in his area as well as helping local youth at a band camp this past summer.

A search online reveals both his xanga account and a profile on a pornographic gay website. I won't be linking the latter because of the nature of the images on his profile.

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