Sunday, October 5, 2008

Angry Reader Comments

Well, today is Sunday October 5th, 2008:

Q: You know what that means, right?

A: There won't be a legitimate entry for today.

So Instead however, I've decided to post an MP3 audio file of angry reader Jeffrey Perrette, courtesy of

If his name sounds familiar to some of you, it's because he was the dumbass that ran over a guy (allegedly) with a car (twice), then bragged about it on MySpace.

Worse yet, the moron defended his "reason" online with little ol' me.

The original post (in it's entirety) can be found here.

The audio file, which would obviously make any lawyer cringe with envy and should also offend probably about 90% of the country can be found in the following link:

"Angry Jeff"


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