Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Justin Lehrke Just Can't Stop Getting In Trouble

Allegedly kidnapped woman:

21-year-old Justin Lehrke is a little trouble maker, actually he's a psych case if what is being written about him is true. If his name sounds somewhat familiar to you its because last month I posted a story about him here.

To refresh your memory he was the Janesville Minnesota man who had been arrested on rape and kidnapping charges after a woman reported to police that she had been sexually assaulted by Lehrke.

Thankfully, they arrested him the very next day where he was found armed with two shotguns and threatening to kill himself.

Now, amazingly this same man has been arrested in the state of Kentucky after allegedly abducting that same woman yet again!

Lehrke has been charged with kidnapping and detectives think he was attempting to take the victim to Florida.


  1. Justin Lehrke is an amazing person! You don't know him well enough at all to judge him on his actions that have happened. He is a kind and considerate man and more of a man then you'll ever be for writing this about him!

  2. I doubt that. I've never demanded a woman to get naked, leave her out in the middle of nowhere at night and then come back and rape her.

    I'm much more of a gentleman than that.

  3. So, I'm guessing the anonymous comment about how great Justin is was most likely left by some idiot who has absolutely nothing to back up his statement with. Surprisingly enough, I know Justin AND the victim, and I would have to disagree with anything positive said about Justin at this point. Everything that has happened within the last few weeks is sick and demented, and a million dollars bail is too little. He not only screwed up his own life tremendously, but also the victims. Everyone should expect a large amount of hatred and anger directed at Justin. If you don't approve, then keep your mouth shut because there is absolutely nothing you can say at this point that would make the public look past his perversion!

  4. Actually, I do know BOTH of them personally, and I fully think that there is some exageration on the victims spot! Justin is incapable of doing something to that extreme!

  5. he's a dumbass... i dont care if he was in the military, hes going bye bye for a long long time now!!! ohh yeah i know his dumb ass too... hes always been a little nuts

  6. You guys are all idiots, and that stupid fuckin cunt victim is just as screwed up as Justin. She is a nut case/whack job and should be put in prison too, shes a liar and has some serious mental issues and could just as well sittin next to Justin in prison. She is fuckin crazy and her stories don't match...

  7. What "fake" story did she make up?

    Was it when police confirmed that she was raped the first time or maybe perhaps the next month when she was found kidnapped and "traveling" to a Florida?

    Sounds like your buddy is almost as screwed up as you are.

    That's too bad Anon...you should of at least had the motivation to finish high school!

  8. I think its pretty cute that someone is DEFENDING JUSTIN are you fucking nuts????? I dated this kid and ya know what, yea some of you probably know who I am and I hope you do cuz guess what, that kid is sick and demented!! The shit he pulled with me and some of my friends is ridiculous and I can fully comprehend and believe ever single statement made by the "victim" JUSTIN LEHRKE IS THE FARTHEST THING FROM AN AMAZING PERSON!!! Even before this whole thing happened, my friends and I ALWAYS had conversations about what a crazy he is. Anyone that would remotely disagree with me needs their head checked and probably should go to the same institution as he did. The one and only mistake that has been made was that no reporter that I have found stated that he was a US Marine. This little boy was supposed to be defending our country and I feel much safer knowing that ass hole is behind bars. I have never made a mistae greater than knowing Justin Lehrke and develoing feelings for him. So yea this is coming from someone that did ave feelings for him and did care about him, until I found out that he is a very good actor, its time the rest of you do too.

  9. If only Justin's parents would QUIT treating their children as if they were GOLDEN children maybe they would straighten up. I'll tell you what, if ma and pa were to see how they act. WOW what a rude awakening that would be. I know kids who have witnessed how the boys talk rudely and talk back in front of people and the father just stands there and takes it and goes hm. That is NOT parenting. They need to OPEN there eyes

  10. They should have just let him kill himself in Minnesota. No loss.

  11. I probably know justin the best out of all you! He is a great man. i know the things he suposably did was wrong idk what got into him. I have known him since i was 2. I'm his brothers best friend. We will find out what is all true and whats not in court. Both storys are fishy. Also ma and pa dont treat them like there golden. If u think that u must not know them at all they are rough and tough on both of them. THIS IS A GREAT FAMILY!!! keep your mouths shut cause aviously u dont know the family.

  12. They should just move....The parent's so called friends talk behind their backs. The community talks behind their backs. That is a FACT! Know it first hand too. Mom and Dad need to stop babying the boys. They should just move and start over fresh elsewhere. People in community are two-faced towards the family. All nicey nice then slam them to others. That is also a FACT!

  13. The way i look at it, in everyones life two roads persent themselves and no matter how good of parenting comes the choice is up to the boys. maybe you should focus less on the family and more on each of them as an individual. Jakob is a great kid, always kind to others, although he has a smart mouth around people he feels comfortable around. but fuck don't we all? Justin is another person none of you can talk shit about usless you truely know him as a person (and are not a female) He is military and has the highest respect for people he just met. Friends are a different story, yes he's lippy but thats not his problem. We all get lippy and we all pick fights. After all is said and done that FUCKING BITCH that he supposedly did those crimes with is making most of it up cause never has here story matched and you ALL kow that to be true!!! SO FUCK YOU ALLLLL :D

  14. Justin is an amazing guy. I know for a fact not all of you know him well enough to judge him and think he could actually do any of the things that that "Chick" is saying he did. Justin would never do the things that he is being accused of! Its funny how her story doesn't match up and how its not true! Justin is an amazing guy and always will be. Anyone selfish enough to make that big of a lie and him ending up having to sit time because of it is sad and that person needs to get a life.


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