Thursday, October 2, 2008

Man Arrested After Meeting Girl On MySpace

Suspect reportedly told girl to change her age on profile:

Florida State Police have arrested Lakeland man on charges that he had sex with a 15-year-old girl whom he had been corresponding with on MySpace.

Joseph Christopher Kern, 23, reportedly had several conversations of a sexual nature with the girl on Mypace. Police also say that Kern told the girl to change her age to 18 so he could avoid any trouble with the law.

The "victim" reportedly told Kern that she wanted to wait before engaging in any sort of sexual activity with him and he responded he would try to wait.

Apparently he didn't wait too long however, because a friend of his, Kyle Stinson, allegedly drove Kern to meet the girl and one of her friends.

Thereafter, they detoured back to Stinson's house where Kern and the girl purportedly engaged in sexual activity.

The mother of the girl called her on a cell phone and demanded that she come back home, so at 1:00 a.m on a school night she did just that.

Kern has been charged with using a computer to solicit a child for a sexual act, traveling to meet a minor for sexual activity, interfering with child custody and lewd molestation.

Meanwhile, Stinson was also charged with interfering with child custody.

Gotta love Kern's Myspace profile though. On it, he calls himself "convict" and even brags about being in prison.

He writes the following on one of his pictures:

"while u was doin fine i was doin time"

Under Books:


Favorite Show:

Prison Break

With all the prison talk I think maybe Joseph Kern was trying to tell us something, but sadly nobody was listening.

Although I must admit, regardless of the above Kern was a gifted writer.

In a rather poetic entry entitled "tru or fake", Kern suggest that upon meeting strangers our minds will sometimes switch gears into subconscious territories. Thus, we tend to recollect troubling information from our past before it is perceived through our very own eyes and sadly onto each other.

Kern is simply stating we are unable rid ourselves of our past and continue to swim in the complacency of fear.

To listen to "tru or fake", in all it's beauty click here.

It's really all too bad, because if the 23-year-old wasn't so hell bent on going back to prison he could have applied his talents say the drive through window or something.


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