Thursday, October 16, 2008

Man Charged In Sexual Assault Of Girl

Suspect bonds out at $500:

A 37-year-old Fargo North Dakota man has arrested on charges that he engaged in sexual contact with a 13-15 year old girl.

Police say the investigation on Tate Allister Pederson, a truck driver, originally began sometime this summer.

Pederson quickly bonded out of jail after the judge in the case set bail at $500 cash during his court appearance.


  1. This man happens to be my husband. Does anyone recognize the phrase "innocent until proven guilty" - Thank you so much for taking the liberty of posting his picture and other identifying information. He is a family man who places his family and friends before himself. Allow him his day in court before posting him amongst sex offenders on the web. The emotional stress this has placed upon our family is unthinkable. Us and God know the truth. Kris

  2. Kris,

    I agree with you 100%. I am going through the same situation with my father, accused of the same thing.

    Go figure, my father is blind, an amputee and impotent, but yet, the word of a child, being coached by an evil mother is worth more than the circumstances and truth at plain sight!!

    Stay strong Kris. God only knows the truth and he will be right there to help us out!

  3. the guys quilty, check the sperm on the rug, DNA dosen't lie


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